Honoring Robert “Spots” Spotswood

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of our dear friend, #LIMLegend and longtime employee Robert “Spots” Spotswood. During his short 36 years, he left an impact that will ripple through many lifetimes. Robert, an above-knee amputee himself, was a fierce advocate for and mentor within the limb loss community.

He was always quick with his wit, his smile, and his support as he generously shared his experience with new amputees. Spots worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the community through his professional and personal endeavors. He will be deeply missed, but the world is better because of his efforts.

The entire LIM Innovations ® is devastated by the passing of Robert:

Andrew Petke, CEO, and co-founder of LIM Innovations® wrote upon learning of Robert’s passing, “We will all miss him more than words can express. He was not just our co-worker, but our good friend as well. Robert leaves behind many great memories and achievements at LIM Innovations® and the amputee community. This is truly a great loss to our company, our team and to our community as a whole. He will be profoundly missed by everyone whose lives he touched.”

George Burnard wrote of his co-worker and friend, “Robert Spotswood was a legend, the epitome of a good time, and a friend who would drop anything in a heartbeat to assist you. Whether working on a project together or searching for a wayward golf ball, everyone worked better when Spots was around. His attitude brought out the best in people and that’s a quality that defines true greatness.”

Fellow above-knee amputee and longterm friend, Ranjit Steiner added his heartfelt message, “He didn’t care what anyone thought. He lived life the way you’re supposed to. I looked up to you in so many ways and was so glad to have known you. Life is brutal, and this shows it, but at least I got to spend some of mine with you; something I’ll never forget.”

Last summer Robert became engaged to the love of his life, Olivia. We all extend our deepest sympathies to his family and to Olivia in their time of profound grief. Robert will be missed more than he would ever have imagined.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Robert’s memory to:
Lakeshore Foundation
4000 Ridgeway Drive,
AL 35209
PHONE:(205) 313-7482

Challenged Athletes Foundation
9591 Waples Street,
San Diego,
CA 92121
PHONE:(858) 866-0959

Happy Holidays from LIM Innovations

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect upon an amazing year. As LIM Innovations has continued to grow to meet the unique and diverse needs of the limb loss/ limb difference community, our core commitments to empowering the community through innovation and philanthropic outreach have remained unchanged.

With the struggles and frustrations of an ill-fitting socket eliminated through our adjustable technology, amputees across the country are rediscovering the freedom that comes from seamless comfort. As more people are utilizing our adjustable Infinite sockets, LIM Innovations has experienced exponential growth in our social media communities. Our Facebook following has increased an astounding 95% over the past year! If you are not already connected with us, we invite you to join our growing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram communities.  

Our commitment to innovation continues, demonstrated by the release of our new medial relief brim in November. The brim, which conforms better to the residual limb using new proprietary materials, enhances the moldable experience for patients and clinicians alike while maintaining its structural integrity. Through improved materials, internal durability is strengthened while reducing the bulk by 50% medially. This reduces the overall socket proportions, improved medial relief and support minimizes medial pinching for the patient allowing for unparalleled day-to-day comfort.

In addition to empowering the community through our adjustable Infinite sockets, LIM Innovations has reached beyond our borders to assist those struggling in developing countries. Through our sponsorship of Range of Motion Project (ROMP) through the Atlas Run app, LIM Innovations has donated $1000 towards the prosthetic needs for those living in Central America.

On December 14th the San Francisco HQ of LIM Innovations was transformed into a holiday wonderland. Decorations and food were abundant as we hosted our Party With Purpose. With more than 200 tickets claimed for the event, we were proud to highlight two nonprofits with admirable missions. Because of the generosity of the donors in attendance, communities were transformed. Capping our fundraising efforts for 2017, we were able to raise more than $6,000 for Upright Africa and ROMP.

Thank you for allowing LIM Innovations to be part of your life. We are approaching 2018 with both excitement and optimism. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

An Infinite TT Perspective

Nothing brings us more joy than hearing of the differences that the Infinite Socket® Product Line are having on people’s everyday lives. Recently, Jim Demas, a good friend to many LIM employees and below knee amputee, needed some adjustments made to his Infinite TT. While waiting for a fix, he wore his conventional socket, and experienced many changes from the fit he had become accustomed to. Below is the letter he wrote LIM explaining his perspective.

February 5, 2017

To Everyone at LIM,

There’s nothing that gives a new sense of perspective more than revisiting the past. And so I have. In preparing to come in Friday to get my Infinite TT fixed, what an eye opener I experienced in trying to wear my last traditional socket to come in rather than use a wheelchair or crutches.

On donning that traditional socket, I immediately felt the same discomfort I experienced in wearing it for 7 weeks from March-May 2016. It brought back very unpleasant memories. Was I really entering this world again where I experienced discomfort every minute of every day? Yes. So I knew I had to restrict wearing the traditional socket as much as possible to avoid a recurrence of the skin problems it caused before. In fact after only 6 hours of wear and under 500 steps, I was already getting significant skin redness and soreness. Just walking the 2.5 blocks to your office after parking hurt substantially.

I have been reminded of how on May 20, 2016 my life changed dramatically with the Infinite TT. Never has there been any discomfort with it… no matter how many hours I’ve worn it or how many steps I have taken! My TT has been worn as much as 19 hours a day and I’ve walked over 12500 steps and over 6 miles… with absolutely no skin redness, irritation, or soreness. None!

It’s illuminating to realize how much I have gotten used to the capabilities of the Infinite TT. I’ve taken for granted the comfort of it as being normal, as well as the ability to make adjustments with the BOA mechanism over the course of the day so I always have perfect adjustment no matter what volume fluctuations occur. It’s great to be free of the antiquated imprecise technology of socks.

Revisiting the past… yes, it has truly given me a new sense of perspective. I appreciate my Infinite TT socket even more now… and I didn’t think that was possible. The comfort, function, and improved quality of life it affords me is unparalleled. I strongly feel that any clinician who strives to maximize patient comfort and function owes it to his patients to work with the TT. It’s a simple equation for an amputee… the higher the level of comfort, the higher level of function that is possible.

I am so fortunate to work with all of you at LIM and with the Infinite TT. I felt compelled to relate my retro experience with the traditional socket and how it vividly reminded me of how exceptional a socket the Infinite TT is. Your tagline says “Function With Purpose.” Indeed! Thank You. You’re giving me my life back!


Jim Demas


From the Patient Chair to the Clinician Stool

LIM Clinician Steve Hoover’s journey began a long time ago, right before Christmas. His parents received the best present a parent can get; and also the worst. They were blessed with the birth of their first son, but things didn’t go as planned. Steve is their 3rd child, only son, and he came with a surprise.

I was born with Pseudarthrosis, a rare birth defect that results in bone fractures and usually amputation. Most cases are not diagnosed until walking age, when the break occurs. In my case I had broken my leg in 3 places before I was even born. My diagnosis came within hours of my birth. My parents were not prepared. Now that I’m one myself, I’m not sure any parent could be.

Medical science tried to fix me for a bit, before the inevitable became reality; a below knee amputation a month before my 4th birthday. It was a tough day for my parents, but probably one of the best for me. Not that surgery was enjoyable for a 3 year old! But it began a journey that I am still on. I was wearing tennis shoes for the first time a couple months later, and if you have met me, you know I still wear them most of the time. My therapy lasted about 5 minutes, the day I received my first prosthesis. That’s because about 20 feet down the hallway, I dropped my crutches and ran! I have since experienced similar things in my practice. Kids are resilient, and adapt very quickly. It wasn’t long before I was running in Gym class, on the football and baseball fields, and wrenching on cars, preferably fast ones.

The transition from the patient chair to the clinician stool was an easy one for me. I always wanted to do this! I watched my prosthetists over the years, and they took me into their labs to watch them mold art, mechanics, and craftsmanship into machines that change people’s lives. It was fascinating, and a natural fit for me. My love for mechanics and race cars blended perfectly into prosthetics. Although when I’m not in a prosthetic facility, I can often be found at the drag strip, usually in the driver’s seat.

I started in wooden sockets, hand carved, with metal joints and leather corsets for below knee amputees. Things have certainly changed over the years as this journey has continued. I am now an above knee amputee, having the revision done shortly before passing my board exams for prosthetics. As a clinician I was always eager to try new things; on myself as well as my patients. I learned over the years that “new” doesn’t always mean better. When I saw the Infinite Socket for the first time, I have to admit I was skeptical. It looked high tech, and the concepts were not foreign to me, but I just wasn’t sure this new company could pull off the art, mechanics, and craftsmanship I had grown up with, and I liked to think continued in my practice. Luckily I had a friend already working at LIM, who convinced me to try it, and more importantly, convinced me to become part of the team. I’ve been wearing my Infinite TF ever since. It has been and continues to be the most comfortable TF socket I have worn. And I like to think I made a few good ones for myself. Traveling most weeks means car and airplane seats, different clinics, weather and environments, etc. weekly. I know from previous experiences that my traditional socket was not up to these tasks. The ability to adjust the fit “on the fly” has been huge, allowing me comfort and stability no matter where I am, or what’s going on outside. Believe me, I flew into North Dakota recently and got off the plane straight into a 15” snow storm! I just adjust as necessary, and don’t get pain or sores like I used to. It has been a great experience for me, and one that I truly enjoy sharing with others!

I have a saying when people ask me what I do for a living; “I have the best job in the world, I get to watch people walk again for the first time.” Being with LIM has allowed me to experience this in many places, meeting some great people, and most importantly sharing this great technology with new friends. Friends who I get to see walk for the first, second, or thousandth time again; usually with smiles on their faces. It’s been an incredible journey, that I’m still on, and hope to be for some time. And it’s still the best job in the world!



Carlos the Adaptive Martial Artist

Hi, my name is Carlos, and I want to share my story with you all. It all began on February 10th 2005. Getting off work from a tiring day I was on my way to visit my Mom in her violent neighborhood. I became a victim that day. A gang shoot-out occurred and I found myself caught in the middle of a crossfire. Shot down and left to die, I was blessed to have the Ambulance arrive to my aid within ten minutes.

The last thing I recall was breathing through a oxygen mask, arriving to SFGH getting prepped for surgery in the operation room. The lights went out completely, and I remained in a sedative coma for over two months fighting for my life. The grace of God kept me away from death. Upon waking up, to my surprise I saw my right leg was missing. Confused and scared, I can remember my Mom telling me she loved me no matter what. It was in that moment that I realized this was no nightmare, but a harsh reality.

Months of further surgeries occurred. I had infections, which led to more amputations to my leg, leaving me at mid thigh. After a year I got fitted for my first prostheses and that’s when my determination kicked in, working hard in Physical Therapy. I cried when I took my first steps; it was like being a baby learning to walk again. Going through pain and feeling discouraged, depression and hopelessness took its toll. I felt the need to give up due to being tired of struggling. My anger built up as my personal life was suffering with poor relationships as I felt less of a man.

One day I got on the internet and searched for others like myself; looking to find a way to be adaptive and change my perception of life. I had to know if someone else was struggling like myself. I love martial arts, so looked around for others with the same passion. I found myself a local MMA gym by the name of ‘Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu,’ and attended scared, not knowing how people would treat me differently. I came out confident after being treated with the utmost respect. Martial Arts is about confidence and courage; somewhere where you often find yourself in a position where you think you can’t make it work.


Martial arts is not about being better than the next guy. It’s about finding yourself and trusting your heart that you are able to adapt. I’ve learn adaptation, determination and perseverance, while not getting treated with special care when training with others; I was an equal. That’s the code of martial arts… respect! I learned of confidence and modification for months. Our minds and bodies are not designed to be repetitive. Martial arts taught me how to modify my movements, and in turn taught me to modify my life. I gained balance and strength, to where my life became modified to fit for me, not the World. I received my blue belt and even competed many times. Despite some losses on my record, I’ve alway gained love and respect from others. My life has changed, not because I needed an outlet, but because martial arts gave me the tools to deal with the World and allowed me to adapt instead of feeling bad for myself.

The injuries have piled up, but I have no regret because I am living an awesome life. God is now using me to help others achieve goals and bring others to realize their potential. I’m amazed how far I’ve come, often humbled and blessed  from what I’ve learned from martial arts. Utilizing my new skillset, I can help others achieve their dreams and goals. My life tragedy turned into triumph, why can’t theirs?

There was a time when my prostheses wouldn’t cooperate with my active lifestyle. When I was doing martial arts in the beginning you can imagine how difficult it was sweating inside my socket and then losing traction to the point where my leg would slip off. I started off with a traditional socket that didn’t work to well with my high level of activity. Then came the vector socket 5 years after my amputation. It was a hard fiberglass type model that had open struts that allowed my tissue to flow and expand while walking or doing martial arts. I rolled on a liner onto my limb and connected it into the bottom of the socket via a pin. It stayed on pretty well, but there was a down side. It caused so much pain in my groin area due to the hard material of the socket, causing nasty cuts and burns.

LIM innovations came into my life just recently. Upon using their Infinite Socket, I instantly noticed how easy it was to get my socket ordered. Instead of getting casted or molded, they used top of the line technology, using just photos and measurements. Piece by piece they assembled this comfortable socket. I have been on it six months and noticed major changes, like wearing my socket for over ten hrs. My cuts and burns healed, and I no longer get them. It’s easy in my groin area, which allows me to maintain a high activity level. The most awesome thing is the ease of making adjustments without getting molded again and waiting for a new socket. It’s the newest technology out there and it’s only improving. I’m a proud user of the Infinite Socket for it has made my life less painful and an above the knee amputee.


LIMLegend -Carlos Gonzalez Jr.


LIM Updates Online Ordering System

We are proud to announce our updated online ordering system. LIM is now paperless, allowing for account setup and online ordering to be easier than ever.

Please note the following changes to our training, ordering, and warranty take place immediately:

  • Measurement sheet
  • Online order form
  • Newly added collection of clinical LIM Tech Tip videos

Because of our rapid growth we are no longer accepting orders via paper order forms.  From this point forward, orders can only be placed through our website to allow for accurate data collection and order processing.

Why did we make a ‘Measurement Form’ and eliminate a hard copy paper intake form?  There are several reasons.  This new process will:

  • Standardize order intake across suspension methods
  • Ensure complete, thorough, and accurate measurement information
  • Provide a uniform assessment script for patient evaluation
  • Allow ordering partners to capture the required patient information and transfer the information to the online form if a computer is not available in the exam room.
  • TT Measurement Form
  • TF Measurement Form 

We have also launched new tech tip videos, including an in depth casting tutorial, Out of the Box Quick Setup, and many other common socket adjustments.
Tech Tips

As always, if you need any assistance with the ordering process please contact LIM Customer Service.

General Inquiries
(844) 888-8546

Clinical Support
(855) 658-0711

Supporting Those Who Protect

Back in 2013 I was serving on deployment to Helmand province Afghanistan. My role was force protection and I was the patrol commander deployed on a Tesseral Patrol; in order to protect the aircraft arriving and departing. Whilst on the second day of the patrol, our only tasking wasn’t until the hours of darkness so our commander back at unit radioed through and instructed us to head to a nearby village to have a chat with the village elder. As we moved off, second vehicle in formation, we drove over and initiated an IED. The IED ejected me clear of my vehicle but resulted in an immediate loss of my left leg above the knee. After being collected and mobilised back to the nearest medical unit, I was flown back to the UK where I remained in an induced coma for 2 months.

When I awoke the extent of my injuries became apparent, Right AKA, Left BKA, Fractures to my Shoulders Scapulas, Arms, Jaw, Sternum, Ribs, Spine and Pelvis. Massive shock to the system and only when I regained some function was I able to move to Headley Court the UK’s rehabilitation centre for Armed Forces.

The prosthetic centre at Headley court helped get me back on my feet sooner rather than later. However it became aware that straight away, traditional sockets would be a difficult issue regarding the left high amputation. I persevered even though I was in excruciating pain. Various rubs and frictions gains from the socket and the loose tissue upon the stump made wearing a normal socket pretty unusable. It was only towards the end of my time in rehab, I was told by my prosthetist of a new socket that may be available. The Infinite Socket, a fully adjustable more comfortable one. I immediately wanted to try it to protect my limb.


The guys from Lim Innovations came across to the UK to measure me up and were very hopeful of a good fitting socket. I was more and more intrigued and couldn’t wait to get started. With the amount of love tissue still proving to be an issue, I still required a stick to help stabilise myself whilst mobile.

Having now left the Military and moved on with my life, the guys at LIM Innovations have been in constant contact ensuring the socket is still working correctly. Over the last 2-3 months, the socket has really started to click. I fully fit within the socket, it feels fully secure and has enabled me to come away from using the Stick and walk independently mobile. Without the need for the traditional carbon fibre socket, the comfort and adjustability of the Infinite Socket is second to none.

Adding on to the that, I have recently been offered the opportunity of Osseointegration Surgery on my left stump. Whilst I was in rehab I would have snapped their hand off, however since the socket is now working perfectly and I am more independent, I have declined the surgery to focus on working with the socket and getting on with my life.


The Adventure Team Challenge

Our blog this week comes from LIMLegend Robert Spotswood, who participated in his Infinite Socket TF, and had the luxury of being able to adjust his socket to accommodate each challenge. Read his views on the challenges he faced on the course, and the comradery his team showed throughout this unique event.

It’s an extraordinary feeling when you accomplish something that seemed previously unachievable. And, it is even more satisfying to have done so based on the collaborative efforts of a team of people. Teamwork is defined as ‘the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.’ I experienced the truest manifestation of the power of teamwork during the Adventure team Challenge in Colorado hosted by World T.E.A.M. Sports. During this race teams of 5 individuals (one wheelchair participant, an amputee, and three able-bodied) participate in a three day adventure race that involves mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and climbing. Each team has to accomplish orienteering tasks along the way as a team and do so in the shortest amount of time possible. The only way to accomplish all of these challenges in the most efficient and expedient way is to value each other’s differences and physical abilities to bring out the absolute best in each other. You set-up towing systems for your para-athlete and amputee to better enable them to climb mountains on their bikes, you collaborate on decisions about what direction to take for the next checkpoint, you paddle in perfect unison to maximize speed on the water, you rely on the strength of another to carry a team member over the finish line, ultimately leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve what would otherwise be impossible alone.

29938698566_41882ddfe2_z (1)

I was nervous about this event after the prologue which determined the seeding for the competition because I nearly passed out from exhaustion. This was the first day I had met my teammates and we were still getting to know each other and how to best work together. That didn’t take long! After our 16 mile paddle down the Colorado river we embarked on a 12 mile mtn. biking race where it clicked that only by working together, knowing each other’s strengths/weaknesses, designating roles and encouraging each other that we could cross the finish line together. As an amputee, I couldn’t do this alone, our para-athlete couldn’t do this alone, only by working together were we able to do what previously felt impossible.

I traveled to CO with two teams from LIM that were also competing, which I was thrilled about because I was coming on board with the company a few weeks after the race. To me this was the ultimate team building event, it was an opportunity to watch how the LIM teams worked together and how I could best work with them going forward. I had a feeling they would do well (and they did!) but I underestimated how dedicated, committed and respectful they were of each other throughout the challenges. Each member knew how to bring out the best in another. It was inspiring to witness and it strengthened my connection to them all.

I had done this race about 5 years ago when I was wearing a traditional suction socket made by Hanger. Almost immediately, I knew it was going to be a struggle to perform well because my leg literally kept falling off during the bike ride and the hiking portion due to an overall poor fit. I ended up taking my leg off and using crutches for most of the event which was very physically challenging and resulted in a poor performance by our team. They could only carry me on their shoulders for so long. This year I was wearing the Infinite Socket LIM had provided me and the differences were night and day.

My leg stayed on during the entirety of the mountain biking and hiking portions and I was able to adjust the fit of my socket throughout the event, on the go, which enabled me to perform significantly better than my previous experience.

It’s truly reinvigorating when you realize you are capable of doing great things not only through the help of others but through improved technology. I’m looking forward to helping those with disabilities come to the realization that they too can achieve what previously seemed impossible.


A New Direction in the TT

Thirty-five years ago I survived a tragic accident that sent my life in a new direction. I was 19 and took my first motorcycle ride with my boyfriend. We were broadsided by a car and catapulted over 30 feet into a ditch.  My boyfriend was killed instantly; my head slammed into the windshield of the car which likely slowed my flight to the ditch and spared my life. I sustained many injuries, and my leg was essentially severed.

Back then prosthetics weren’t what they are today so rather than amputate my leg was salvaged. In that instant I went from dancing for 15 years, captain of my high school golf team, and running every day to disabled, disfigured, and struggling. I had numerous complications and surgeries, and a long recovery to get back to just painful walking. It was clear my future with my leg was going to be one of increasing pain, immobility, and disability. I’d had over 30 limb salvage surgeries before my amputation last year.

I have an amazing Prosthetist who built me a great new leg and taught me how to walk again. It was a lot harder than I expected. It takes a lot of concentration to walk properly after using crutches and a walker for many years. A Prosthetic can only do so much, the rest is up to us and the choices we make each day toward our recovery and physical goals. My Prosthetist also introduced me to many inspirational amputees and organizations: Dare2tri, Chicago Blade Runners, Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing. He built me a running blade that allowed me to run last year for the first time in over 34 years, which feels like a miracle.

I’m fortunate to be part of the LIM team in the Midwest, and was fit with a TT in May. It’s been incredibly exciting to be part of the development and evolution of the TT; not only in the materials used but in how we at LIM work together and respond to challenges and problems we’ve had in its development.

I have a carbon fiber foot, and the first thing that struck me when I tried my TT is a sensation similar to the dynamic energy response. It’s flexy when I walk!

I experience significant volume change throughout the day, and my TT accommodates it easily with a twist of my BOA. It’s become instinctual, so my prosthetic now feels even more a part of me; it has an intimate fit. The adjustability has also been helpful with perspiration, where rather than having to stop to dry out the perspiration from my liner so that my liner and leg don’t slip I just tighten it.  I’m able to walk much farther before stopping.

I’ve experienced a challenge recently in my residual limb and it’s proven a real testament to the importance of the adjustability of the TT. I learned 4 weeks ago I fractured the ertl bridge in my residuum where my distal tibia connects my bone bridge. I am very active, and Dr. Ertl suspects microfractures developed over past months which culminated in a fracture.  


With my Infinite TT I completed my first 5k last Sunday, despite having a broken leg! Though I walked rather than ran it was especially meaningful as my sister Caryn walked with me. Caryn is a touchstone as she reminds me how much we need each other to move forward through challenges. Caryn was there for me when I returned to college using crutches after my accident many years ago. She made sure so many practical aspects of life were taken care of. I’d hoped to run but walked due to injury, but it’s still a reminder that I’m doing so much better today with my prosthetic leg than I would be doing with the leg I had amputated a year ago. I don’t know where I’d be now without the support and encouragement of my friends and family.

Years ago I remember my Mom asking me if I wished the accident had never happened? I remember telling my Mom that I’d rather be who I am today than who I’d have been had it not happened. As Viktor Frankl wrote, “What is to give light must endure burning”. I have had many bright lights in my life since my accident. With the leg we saved I was able to walk, and have 4 wonderful pregnancies that resulted in 4 beautiful healthy children. I now have 4 wonderful grandchildren too :). They motivate me each day to be and do the best I can. I’ve been given an opportunity to appreciate life, health, and relationships in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am the luckiest unlucky person I know.

Solvitur Ambulando

The Leg of the Law

Angel Castro takes his job very seriously. In order to serve his community best, he needs the right equipment in order to protect and serve. In the Infinite TT, Angel can run up hills, maximise his energy return through the dynamic socket and give his all while on the beat.

“Without my dynamic Infinite TT socket it would have been impossible to do what I wanted to do, and as well as I wanted to do it, following my accident. The TT has given me my fear factor back and the force would just not be the same without me.

Thanks to LIM I can now say I’m back with a bang, and for the bad guys well whatcha gonna do when I come for you?”

The TT Experience

With AOPA 2016 in full swing, we thought it necessary to share a few patient insights into the Infinite TT. It is important to hear first hand their own experience with the sockets. With varying anatomical and sensitive fits, the Infinite Socket product line encompasses the necessary adjustability, dynamic frame and custom fits that allow amputees to find freedom in a socket they can control. Of course, the Infinite Sockets aren’t perfect for everyone, but they are a valid option, backed by measured testing and conclusive feedback from practitioners and patients alike. But don’t just hear it from us, hear it from the #LIMLegends themselves.

Jim Demas
“This thing is nothing short of amazing. I am stunned! This is the first time since I got a prosthetic in August 2015 (BKA in April 2015) that I have been able to ride my exercise bike. And I did it with no pain! None! I know we are just starting out and this is just day 3… but if this is a reliable indicator of what is to come, you guys will, in fact, give me so much more of my life back!”

Doug Van Pool
“Just being able to reach down, and tighten the boas, rather than taking it off, fiddling with volume socks, and then re-donning the foot is well worth the price of admission! I think I’ve found the “Goldilocks” zone of comfort.”

Rudy (Daughter Lydia’s quote)
“He is walking with more confidence. I notice when he sits, he keeps his leg on, whereas before, with the old leg, he would remove it immediately when he sat down at home, in the car or sometimes in public places. He is that much more comfortable. The limping has diminished and his old gait is more evident.”

Angel Castro
“I wouldn’t call it a product nor a prosthesis because it’s given me more than just the chance to walk again. It feels very close to having my own leg back, and being able to see the look on people’s faces when they see my mobility, energy, and how strong I’m able to perform in it, the feeling is often overwhelming.”

Freedom in the Infinite TT

Tess Deddo came to LIM Innovations without looking for an alternative to her current prosthesis. Content with what she already had, Tess was originally only interested in viewing the socket that was in the early stages of allowing patients the freedom to manipulate the socket to their residuum. Little did she know that in May 2016, she would become the second person to ever become fitted with the Infinite TT.

The freedom she has experienced since being fit with the Infinite TT has been unparalleled. From riding her bike for the first time in years to walking for hours on end during term time at her school in Marin County, CA, Tess can now control the comfort of her socket.

The Infinite TT is a custom-molded, modular, and dynamic socket system. The combination of a modular frame and advanced pressure distribution system enables clinicians and patients to adjust the socket. Pressure distribution and biomechanics are designed in response to activity demands, pressure areas, and shape change.

Check out the features of the Infinite Socket TT here

Breaking Down the Infinite TT

The Infinite Socket TT is a custom-molded, modular, and dynamic socket system. The combination of a modular frame and advanced pressure distribution system enables clinicians and patients to adjust the socket. Pressure distribution and biomechanics are designed in response to activity demands, pressure areas, and shape change.

With so many features, the Infinite Socket TT is like no other below-the-knee prosthesis. Watch the makeup from the designer’s behind this revolutionary socket, and hear first hand from the amputees that helped shape the design.

Check out the features of the Infinite Socket TT here

The Infinite TT Setting Sail

Chris has been testing the durability of the revolutionary below-the-knee socket the Infinite TT while at sea. His feedback has been the catalyst of many Infinite TT features that has helped him set sail to places we can only dream of. Read his journey below.

I met the folks at LIM five months ago in San Francisco. A photo of me riding my bike to a sailboat race found its way to the office and they asked me to come in and chat. I had been in conventional sockets for the past 11 years and they always worked well, but I always wanted a little bit more from the fit. Since the first day I entered LIM I was made to feel like family, and since then I have been involved with testing and refining the new TT socket.

I work as a sailing instructor most of the time in the Bay Area. I put a lot of stress on my legs, so we thought I could provide some valuable feedback about how the socket handles the extreme conditions on the bay, on a bike and elsewhere. A month of testing close to home brought lots of observations and the real test was yet to come.

Over the last 4 months, I have been living aboard a sailboat, touring the east coast. My job involves bringing the boat to various sailing associations and programs to show off the history of the sport and engaging youth sailors in the wider context of sailing. I am on my feet a lot and the environment is more than a little extreme for a prosthesis. I have put over 8000 salty nautical miles on my Infinite TT and it is more than holding up; it’s performing better than any conventional socket I’ve used before.

With careful help from LIM, we’ve seen how the socket performs and reacts to stress and the result is a rigorously tested product that is comfortable, strong and durable. Between daily fluctuations in volume, changes in activity level, even crossing the threshold between land and sea, my socket holds up and has taken me places in comfort and style.

You can follow Chris’s progress on his blog


Angel back on the Job

Angel has been testing the Infinite TT with us for six months now, enjoying the trials and tribulations of being the face of the revolutionary below-the-knee socket. His feedback has been the catalyst of many Infinite TT features that has helped him get back on the job. Read his journey below.

I’ve been a below knee amputee since April 2014. l never received any help nor information on how to continue my life as an amputee. My wife and I were totally clueless on what to do or expect from here on! We just had one another, and trying to stay away from depression and discouragement was extremely difficult for us, having to learn to walk again and face challenges that we had never imagined we would have to endure together in our lives.

But thanks to LIM, and their great team I can be myself again! There’s no words that would summarize everything in my heart and the gratitude I feel! As an amputee all I want to do is to give back and help those that find themselves in the same situation that I was in.bk-angel-web-hero

LIM continues to out-do themselves with this brand new, fascinating socket, the Infinite TT. We’ve been testing together since they took me on as a test pilot. It was the most incredible experience, trying to perfect it with LIM, and now I have the ability to walk, run and do just about anything that I set out to do! During the process, what really impressed me was their attention to what my feedback was. Every aspect of the Infinite TT is designed in response to my own personal activity demands, pressure areas, and limb shape change.

This socket is packed full of features designed to accommodate the test pilot’s needs. With the help of the dynamic socket system, I have control over pressure distribution and tension control. The shock absorbing frame offers multiple points of adjustability and is designed to flex and mimic the way I walk. The LIM Air Bladder System allows me to generate or alleviate pressure as I see necessary. The first few times the system failed, but their ability to resolve issues through trial and error never ceases to amaze me to this day. The Infinite TT is also height adjustable at the front patellar-tendon allowing me to walk in comfort, while still maintaining a proper amount of support while liberating the knee to flex.

The Infinite TT is the first custom-molded, modular, and dynamic prosthetic socket, offering adjustability at each component. The combination of advanced materials and adjustable systems empowers clinicians and users to adjust the prosthesis in response to volume and shape change of the residual limb.

At ACA my wife and I met so many incredible people with a desire to accomplish what I set out to do a year ago. I felt like I was giving other amputees the same opportunity that I got with this socket that I call ‘Life.’ I wouldn’t call it a product nor a prosthesis because it’s given me more than just the chance to walk again. I can do much more than that! Now I can share that with new amputees and inspire them to never give up! LIM has given me an incredible opportunity with this amazing leg. It feels very close to having my own leg back, and being able to see the look on people’s faces when they see my mobility, energy, and how strong I’m able to perform in it, the feeling is often overwhelming.

Driven by Data

Carol Davis was fit with a highly custom socket to address the lack of comfort and motivation that had left her without a leg for over a year. She always looks above and beyond the past, and with the help of data, her progression in recent months has been nothing far from astonishing. Read what Carol had to say.


“I wanted to thank you guys again for constructing a wonderful adjustable and easy to put on socket. I know my residual limb was a challenging fit with a pediatric circumference, long length, and fragile skin. It’s so amazing as I had been out of a leg for over a year, and now I am up walking a couple of miles a day, working in the garden outside, and spending time with my grandkids. My favorite activity however is spending time with my husband going on walks near the beach.

Thank you also for the Fitbit™! I love being able to track my steps, active minutes, how many stairs I climb, and how much energy I am exerting per step. I think everyone could benefit from having this on their leg. The first day I put the tracker on it was pretty late in the day and I logged 250 steps; not a lot, but in the grand scheme of things to come it was a step in the right direction. The first week I took around 1,500 steps a day and that has increased from there. I now regularly have been doing over 6,000 steps a day and have approximately 40 minutes of active or sustained walking. It challenges me to keep moving and do more. Recently, I was able to do a 5K fun run/walk at our 4th of July event. In case you are interested, my Fitbit™ showed that it was over 8,000 steps and 88 minutes of constant movement! Thank you for giving me a life back!

Please keep on doing what you are doing. I hope that the data device gets added to all of your new sockets. The socket works well, providing comfort in an adjustable fashion. Understanding the data that I generate on a daily basis keeps me moving forward, setting new goals to achieve rather than just sitting around. When you see progress it is easier to stay motivated, and for that I will always be grateful.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.34.31 AM

“My final step count for today 🙂 love this leg 🙂 :)” – Carol Davis Facebook Post of fitbit™ step count

Keeping the Beat

A drummer who was seriously hurt in a bus crash whilst on tour with his band, is fighting his way through therapy by doing what he loves, keeping the beat.

The metalcore band The Ghost Inside was headed to another concert venue in November when life took a devastating turn. Their bus was involved in a head-on crash with a semi-truck just outside of El Paso, Texas.

Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk was sleeping before the crash and woke to find himself in wreckage. He wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to drum again after sustaining extensive injuries — 51 in all, including the loss of his right leg, which is critical to his drumming career.

“There was definitely a point where I was still telling myself, ‘Yes, you can do it and we’ll make it work,’ but there was definitely doubt in my mind, like, what if it doesn’t?” he said. “What if I can’t play drums ever again? And it’s a terrifying thought.”

Luckily, Andrew’s Doctor, Dr. Stephen Bloom had a hidden passion of playing the drums himself. So, about three weeks into it, he brought in a pair of drumsticks and put them in Andrew’s right hand.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.41.22 PM

During rehabilitation sessions, Andrew uses a specialized prosthesis to play the drums. A creative recreational therapist helped modify Andrew’s leg prosthesis so he could press the pedal that works the bass drum.

In daily life however, he uses the Infinite Socket, and Genium X3 knee combination to walk. None of this would have been possible if LIMLegend Irene Blum hadn’t sent Andrew images on the Infinite Socket and a story about another LIMLegend, Enrique Alvarez, and his recovery story two months after Andrew’s amputation. 

“I brought it to my prosthetist Mark Bennett at Mary Free Bed Rehab, and he encouraged me to choose something that I feel comfortable with. It’s comforting to know that they were considering all these options. Everything to do with amputation was new to me, and Mark reassured me that i will have full control of my prosthetic choices.

I was already up and walking around in a check socket, using an Ottobock c-leg on therapy days. I had been using it for about six weeks and the time came for me to step up and use my own leg.

Mark got the cast mould of my leg and sent it to the folks at LIM. Within a couple of weeks I was fit with the Infinite Socket and straight off the bat was up and walking. I needed a few adjustments to correct my alignment, but following a few tweaks, I felt great. Steve Hoover the clinical specialist for LIM, provided a demonstration on how to adjust the brim whilst I was walking, which has proven to be a huge benefit.

The whole scenario for me was seriously night and day. I lost a lot of volume over the first two months. My limb was slipping out from the check socket. It was slowing me down and i wasn’t getting anywhere, then all of a sudden I had this socket that felt like a part of my body. It didn’t feel like a prosthetic. It was infinitely… (no pun intended) right off the bat, more comfortable. The ratchet strap has to be my favorite feature. I can loosen the socket by my upper thigh with just a few clicks of the ratchet.

It was hard, because when I had first woken up I didn’t know who was OK or who was hurt or even alive or not, and it was difficult. But having such a wonderful team at Mary Free Bed and state of the art prosthetics has given me the opportunity to go on tour again. The bandmates and I have big plans. We are scattered throughout the country recovering, but we keep in touch daily online through whatsapp and encourage each other. We are planning on being ready to return to the stage for the “Van’s Warped Tour” in 2017.”

Andrew’s prosthetist Mark Bennett had this to say. “Working with Andrew and being part of his healing process here at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital is extremely rewarding. From our initial visit and being present when Andrew took his first steps on a prosthesis, to watching him progress to the Infinite Socket and re-gain his independence is what it’s all about.  Steve Hoover and the LIM team have been with Andrew and I every step of the way with great information and recommendations to ensure continued prosthetic success.”

Andrew LIM 2

One Step at a Time

Graham Gill is the longest active user of the Infinite Socket. He was fit with the Infinite Socket™ over two years ago, and is LIM Innovations’ first test-user. Graham was kind enough to give us a first person account of his deeply personal story below, highlighting the impact the Infinite Socket has had on his life allowing him to become more mobile one step at a time:

“Combining the ability to have modular parts that make fittings and adjustments so much easier along with daily comfort gives me the ability to live my life away from the doctor’s office. I used to be confined to a wheelchair and spend the majority of my time on the sofa. I used to live on what I started to call a 1-for-3 schedule. In other words, I would have one good day of being active for every three days I was confined to a wheelchair or resting at home. Essentially I had two days a week to live.

20160115 LIM Graham SF net-0067Since being fit with the Infinite Socket I have the ability to get up every morning and put my leg on, as you would your shoes, and go on living my life.

I’ve been able to walk down the aisle and get married, re-sign my modeling contract and continue doing what I love. I have been left to travel around the world without any pain or discomfort. The Infinite Socket has given my life back.

The only sadness I still have is that every amputee deserves to experience what I have with the Infinite Socket. It may not be the right choice for everyone, but in my experience, it gives me optimal comfort that can be utilized as I see fit. I want to thank Garrett Hurley and Andy Pedtke, the co-founders of LIM Innovations, and the rest of the LIM Innovations team that made this socket available to those who need it most.”


Claudio's Recovery

Two weeks ago we learned of the recovery period of one of our #LIMLegends, Claudio Cappabianca through the eyes of his son Marco. This week we asked Claudio himself, a true renaissance man, to tell the amputee community about the struggles and victories he faced during his recovery period. Let’s hear what he has to say:

“Six months had passed since the accident. I had fought and won many setbacks that I’d faced, but it was the eve of the fitting of my ‘new’ leg, where hopefully I would be finally free to walk again! There were so many questions running through my mind: Will it work? How easy is it going to be? Did I have any regrets for having been so reckless and stupid? Will I be ridding myself of the crutches like I did with the wheelchair?

I couldn’t believe this day has finally come. From the moment I got hurt I had been waiting for this day. I thought it would have taken at most two months, not more, but I didn’t account for all the setbacks in my recovery process.

I don’t remember driving to the clinician office, but for some reason I remember standing on the balancing rails. Looking to my right side I saw Andrew, Mac and Dave, surrounded by my wife and daughter. I could see their nervous glances as my son prepared to film the first step of my new life. I assumed it was going to be a breeze to walk again on two legs. How wrong I was; it was just about impossible, with no equilibrium. I couldn’t walk, and could not stand unless holding to the parallel bars or crutches.


It wasn’t an easy couple of weeks learning how to walk again. After multiple falls, the only thing you can do is pull yourself up again. The rehab crew worked on me both mornings and afternoons to see how much I could take. I had the best time of my life since the accident, I was so happy and eager to do as much possible. When I was ready, I walked through the rehab revolving door all by myself with no assisting device, just me and my new leg on the way to challenge myself and the world again with a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

A little over a year has passed and nothing has passed by without hard work and sacrifice, mostly physical. I did experience a few days of depression but managed to get over it thanks to my wife’s tireless support. I have been able to get back to my life as it was before the accident but with a few exceptions. I can’t run, can’t bike and can’t ski. I have tried skiing and after five days and dozens of runs and very risky situations, I had to give it up as my knee joints are asymmetric and therefore it’s impossible to kneel down, which is the prime requirement for turning. Well, we’ll have to work out a solution for next winter, I’m not done yet, at least I have another challenge to look for.

I have returned to my mountain, back to landscaping, cutting trees, splitting logs, driving my tractor and walking the lawn mower. I even managed to go by myself on the train to the Center for Medicare to help prevent them depriving disabled Americans of certain critical benefits and to assist Andrew to help persuade the administrators to approve coverage for the LIM Infinite Socket.


How much credit is due to the LIM? I could have not been able to accomplish much if it wasn’t for the adjustability of my Infinite Socket. It’s just like wearing a ski boot with its side buckle. Bi-weekly visits with my clinician and dear friend Dave Bow who has been my pit crew all these months; making sure the Infinite Socket would perform to my capability and satisfaction was vital.

I can definitively say that I’m living an almost normal life, I’m used to my new leg, I feel normal when I wear it but not as much when I have to park it for the night.

I am very grateful to Nedim, Andrew, Geoff, Mac, Dave, Marco and GiuGiu’ with Christine and David, all the friends who visited me while at Albany Med, all the doctors and nurses, the rescue team, the medevac pilot who bravely decided to continue flying thru the rain storm instead of putting down and finally my dear and loving wife Silvana who stood by me and tirelessly putting up with this crazy bum!”

ACA – Ambassador Recap

I’m on my way home from the ACA conference. As this was my first time, I really had no idea what to expect. The experience was simply incredible!

We started out on Tuesday with our peer to peer training. The training was excellent and I’m really looking forward to meeting with new amputees and offering whatever support I may.

The actual conference started on Wednesday and it was really great to finally meet all the other ambassadors. What a wonderful group of people.

It was an amazing experience to meet and talk with so many people with limb loss and also to see all the new technology that is available. I attended a number of talks and events, all of which were very helpful.

The highlight for me though was the time spent at the LIM booth talking to people about the Infinite Socket. It was exciting to see the looks on their faces when they thought of the possibility of a comfortable, adjustable socket. I am very grateful for the experience and hope to attend again next year.

–Victor Waganor

It  was sad to leave old & new friends but look forward to this again next year!!

miyah and Tammy

This Was my favorite event! In my opinion the event was a huge success. I scanned & talked to so many people at the booth and walking around. It’s thrilling to be able to share our stories & talk about the socket. It was exciting to put a face to everyone & make everything more personalized.  It was awesome to watch our first timer Infinite Socket users bloom! I have to say I Loved getting all the hugs from our smallest Ambassador, Miyah & feeding off her abundant energy. I was thrilled to meet everyone and exhausted because I never wanted to miss anything It  was sad to leave old & new friends but look forward to this again next year!!  

–Tammy Myers


miyah and jan (1)

Although Miyah is the youngest member of the LIM family, her experience at the conference was truly awesome!! Miyah was able to finally meet some of the LIM family and  felt right at home!! She screamed with  excitement every time she saw another amputee!! She was able to attend events such as the summing clinic, rock climbing, children’s clinics, and the running clinic which she enjoyed the most !!  The conference was more than just an event for Miyah, it was a life changing ! She now loves who she is !! She now knows she is not alone and she left the conference with new friendships and tons of memories that will last a lifetime !! One of the favorite moments as the parent of Miyah ,was when she said and I quote ” HAVING ONE LEG IS COOL!!”

–Miyah and Tamara

My personal highlights was seeing hundreds of amputees in one area at one time, all ages, races, nationalities, genders, and types of amputees.


What can I say? My personal highlights was seeing hundreds of amputees in one area at one time, all ages, races, nationalities, genders, and types of amputees. It was overwhelming at first but the feeling subsided and gave way to a positive vibe and a feeling of camaraderie with everyone I met. The reception at the Lim Booth was fantastic! People were asking questions regarding both the TF and TT sockets. Walking around the event and even outside the conference people would associate you with the Infinite Socket which was excellent. Meeting the ambassadors and becoming friends with them was also one of the major highlights!
–Enrique Alvarez

I would say when is our next trip? Im ready to reach others!

My wife and I met so many incredible people with a desire to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish a year ago and still wanting more! I felt like I was giving them the same opportunity that I got with this that I call (Life). l wouldn’t call it a product or a socket nor a prosthesis because it’s given me not just the chance to walk again but much more than that!!! And now I can share that with new amputees and inspire them to never give up! And LIM has given us that opportunity with this amazing leg that feels very close to having my own leg back, just to see the look on their faces and the enthusiasm in them when they could see how I really feel with my leg and how strong I’m able to perform in it.
I would say when is our next trip? Im ready to reach others and motivate them that life is just beginning again with LIM, I was also certified as a Peer visitor thanks LIM, because now I can help those in the hospitals and give them hope which I had to struggle to find with my wife and there was no one to talk to or ask questions too, but now I’m equipped with the tools of hope!!!

–Angel Castro

Family First – The perspective of a Son

Claudio Cappabianca has been wearing the Infinite Socket since his amputation in 2014. During the rehabilitation period following his accident Claudio’s son Marco helped him take his first steps and get to where he is today. Here is his account of his Father’s process following limb loss.

“Limb loss is a staggering event, but as shocking as the circumstances may be that led to such an incident, the family must cope trying to understand the recovery process in hopes of their loved one walking again, perhaps with no idea whatsoever where to start.

My Father Claudio, truly embodies the old school Italian renaissance man; fashionable, athletic, hard working, and intelligent. At the time of the accident he was at his home in upstate New York standing on a ladder, cutting down some trees. Out of sheer determination he somehow managed to find his way to the hospital.

With the very real prospect of amputation on the horizon, we were introduced to LIM Innovations within days of my Father’s accident, through my friend who knew Andrew Pedtke and it was clear this company had a mission to help people. Andrew, as a medical professional, understood exactly the physical aspect of the situation, and further opened up the team at LIM to aid in the mental aspect we faced. We felt cared for, important, and understood. The recovery process in my father’s case has been long for various medical reasons, but LIM Innovations has a never ending patience in an effort to see my Father, a highly active, seasoned individual (71 years old), get back to life as it was before the accident.

For the younger generation of amputees the benefits of working with LIM and the Infinite Socket must be amazing. For us, I hate to think where we would be today if left to work with a “one-size-fits-all” company and product.

Choosing a future with LIM Innovations is choosing a forward looking company and product that comes with hope, care, attention, and a return to life! Thanks to LIM, Claudio can spend time with my daughter and can advocate for those in need through his never give up fighting attitude”


The Infinite Socket – Custom to you

Sean Boatwright from Diablo Prosthetics has been working with LIM Innovations since the start of the year. During that time he has come up to LIM’s head office twice to show potential patients the in’s and out’s of the Infinite Socket.

“I have personally visited The LIM Innovations facility on a couple of occasions. I was able to provide my patients a hands-on experience and exposure to the product and have them decide if it would be the right socket for them.

Three different environments are present within the LIM facility. On one level, enthusiastic engineers equipped with 3D printers and countless amounts of materials used for testing various interfaces. On another level, you get the feel of the “typical” start-up. Energetic marketing team on laptops and phone calls or working on the next graphic design project or social media, reaching out in any way to make sure that their patients are satisfied and thriving.

Then there is the more familiar area. A bustling lab, similar to what we are all accustomed to. Multiple technicians each immersed on their specific task in creating the end product.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.15.19 AM

“Plaster models fill one area with hands-on modifications taking place while carbon fiber struts are cut to size, heated and shaped over a recently vacuum formed flexible plastic socket.”

Tucked away in another area are multiple brims, ready to be customized for each patient. LIM has a special mix of technology and high quality hands-on craftsmanship a practitioner like myself can appreciate.

Seeing first hand how labor intensive and actually customizable the Infinite Socket is, is an impressive accomplishment that LIM Innovations appears to have mastered.”

Adjustment Made Easy

Hi my name is Lynn De Cola. I have been an amputee for 23 years following a motorcyle accident that claimed my right leg above the knee in 1993.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.02.47 PM

I received my first conventional socket in 1993 and it’s rigidity had always caused me issues. The funny thing is that it looks exactly like the conventional sockets offered in 2016, with its flexible inner liner and rigid frame. I became a prosthetist in 1994 when my prosthetist invited me to come see the work he did. I instantly fell in love and he hired me as an O&P assistant, which spurred me on to become ABC certified by Florida state. I learned of the Infinite Socket through O&P edge, and believed the technology could prove a valid alternative to the sockets I fit on a daily basis. I reached out to LIM Innovations and was fit with the Infinite Socket at AAOP 2016.

The first thing I instantly noticed was the shock absorption from the dynamic struts was incredible. Whilst wearing my previous socket, I felt every bump in the road reverberating up my femur. Now it feels like I’m walking on a soft sponge. As I wore the Infinite Socket and became familiar with the functionality of it, I came to notice other benefits. One big difference was that the brim does not stick to skin like a proflex type flexible liner. The soft goods feel great around my groin and rather than trap the limb, capture it along the top. This leads to the Infinite Socket being cooler. I live in Florida, which has a humid climate that affects the way I maintain suction in the socket. While sitting out in sun, my residual limb does not feel like it’s baking in socket either, which is of huge benefit.

On a daily basis, I drive to work and noticed over a period of time that I had an increased range of motion in my hip flexors when I sit. This allows me to drive long distances without the need of removing my prosthesis and redonning upon my arrival. I can use the rowing machine at the gym and even bend down to pick up things I drop by accident. Convenient and comfortable has been unheard of since 1993…


Naturally, I slow down at the end of the day, but not from painful sockets, but rather from being tired. My activity level has increased dramatically since being fit with the Infinite Socket, and when I arrive back home, I can use the adjustment feature by loosening the ratchet to free the grip around my residual limb. Whilst keeping the socket on, I can actually feel someone’s hand on my lap, the affection of a cat and it’s little paws stomping around in between my struts.

The socket did however, take some getting used to. At first I wanted to take full advantage of the adjustment, and attempted to over tighten the velcro tensioner because I thought the brim should be as tight as possible so as not to slide off.

Of course the tensioner broke, and I was left to make do with my old socket for one day until a new one was shipped. The turn-around times at LIM’s production facility is impressive and their flexibility to cover damages to the socket is unheard of these days.

On another occasion, my brim failed. The version which I was fit with originally had foam around the top of the brim. Once that had flattened out, I was able to feel the plastic interior digging into my groin. I provided feedback and images to the clinical team, and LIM sent out a brand new model with silicon rope along the top to counteract this issue. GOLDEN!

The adjustability of the Infinite Socket is always going to provide some durability kickbacks with parts as consistently seen on anything that moves. The important thing to remember is the quality of my life has dramatically improved as a result of my adjustable modular prosthetic socket.

Introducing the Pin Lock

Two years ago we successfully fit our first Infinite Socket.
To celebrate, we are adding to the current Infinite Socket suspension line with the introduction of the pin lock.

We are excited to expand our product line, to include all three major suspension options. The pin lock provides a light and reliable option for amputees. It consists of a drawdown clutch-lock and cushioned end-pad, easing the donning procedure, minimizing pistoning and rotation, and providing a secure fit.

The pin lock interfaces with a locking liner to engage the patients residual limb. The liner is placed into the distal end of the socket, and can be tightened down with the shuttle-lock, located on the medial side of the prosthesis. The prosthesis will remain securely engaged, and can only be released if the patient presses the shuttle-lock.


To find out more call (844) 888-8LIM or email info@liminnovations.com today.

Access Your Life

On August 13th 2015 I became an above knee amputee after years of surgeries to my left knee due to Type II CRPS/RSD. 12 days after the operation I had access to a training leg, and was up and walking even before my stitches were removed. I was soon fitted with my first socket, and at first things were going really well, but the more I wore the socket, the more pain I would endure. I also had major problems with my stump swelling and shrinking whilst wearing it due to lymphedema. It became a nightmare! It would take me 45 minutes to just get the socket on and then within minutes my leg would shrink so I’d take the socket off put socks on and then after putting the socket back on for ten minutes my stump would swell again.

My awesome Prosthetists, Helen Brigham and Steven Purcell at Specialised Ability Centre in Manchester, tried everything to make it comfortable but nothing worked. Eventually it got to the point where I was told that when my stump was swollen, to just not wear my leg. The longest I could wear my leg was no more than 3-4 hours once or twice a week, which was so frustrating as my physiotherapists said that my walking was spot on! I had worked so hard to get my fitness back and then to be told “don’t wear your leg” was a kick in the gut. My leg was in the corner of my room becoming an ornament gathering dust.

I decided on researching other socket options and in December last year I came across LIM Innovations whilst going through my twitter stream. I did some research on them via their website and was in awe! I thought I would send LIM a tweet asking them if this was available in the UK, and within ten minutes they responded. I went straight in to show all of my physio team and my prosthetist to see what they thought. Everyone at Specialised Ability Centre actively want to help patients to live fully independent lives, so they are always open in to looking at new technologies coming through.

In March, the LIM team came along and met my team. I was completely overwhelmed, excited, and shocked; like a kid at Christmas. The next day I had my cast taken which was then sent back to San Francisco, so that my Infinite Socket could be made. They came back over to the UK in April and spent the day fitting my socket as well as showing the prosthetists and technicians how to do all the adjustments. I was so surprised at how soft and light it feels to wear.

NHS Manchester - Poli Paterson - LSF 12Apr2016_019

Within the first week I was invited by Limb Power and British Cycling to go to The National Cycling Centre in Manchester to have a try at track para-cycling on the Velodrome. I haven’t been on a bike in over 20 years! Even then it was on a mountain bike not a racer. The wheels are 2cms in width, which left me nervous at first but I managed to do 12 laps! I will be going back again for sure, as I want to beat those 12 laps. It felt amazing to be able to take part in sports again!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.59.44 AM

Then in week 2 I was able to tick off another goal. I wanted to be able to walk all the way round the supermarket I go to and do my shopping whilst holding a basket. I did it! I must admit that when I got back to my car I was so hot that my face was bright red, it was a full on workout but I did it! I had not been able to do that in well over 10 years.

In a couple of weeks, I will be going to the Limb Power Anniversary Games. They have an introduction to sports where you can go along and try out lots of different sports. I’m so excited to go along and just give everything a go.

There are plenty of other amputees out there that want to wear their leg but can’t because of socket problems. I also think that the Infinite Socket would be a perfect solution for new amputees to help getting them used to wearing a prosthesis, as the socket can accommodate and be adjusted to stump changes that happen within the first couple of years. This would mean goodbye to 5 -10 castings, test socket fittings and the time it takes to get for those appointments. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here is my rundown of the traditional socket Vs the Infinite Socket:

The old socket is hard, rigid, unforgiving, painful around the groin, doesn’t hold my femur steady and most importantly it will never accommodate my leg swelling throughout the day. I had padding added to stop my bone tapping on the sides of the socket, which hurts! It would cut off the feeling in my stump when standing for any length of time. I couldn’t sit comfortably at all. I would have to lean over to one side to sit as it would cut into me. I couldn’t drive whilst wearing it because it would cut off the feeling in my stump and it would jab into my hip and groin. My prosthetists tried everything to try and make it comfortable but nothing worked.

The Infinite Socket is soft, extremely sturdy, doesn’t cut off the feeling of my stump when I’m sat down, flexes when walking, which holds the femur in place for a more confident stride and the very best part…. Its fully adjustable! I can adjust it throughout the day, which means no more having to carry 1/3/5 ply socks and having to take my leg off and on to add or remove socks. I can sit down in comfort without having to lean to stop it cutting into me. I can drive long distances too. I now love my socket! I want to show my whole leg off now not just the bit below the socket.

Control Your Comfort

I’m a 46 year old medically retired veteran who loves fishing, family and playing guitar. I have three boys: 17, 18, and 21 with my partner who I’ve been married to almost 23 years.

The root cause of my amputation was Osteosarcoma followed by a nasty bone infection that eventually took my leg on January 23, 1992 when I was just 21. I was young and the advancements in prosthetic socket technology were not there yet, but was happy to get my first socket, a quad-style, around August ’92. Three months later I was playing basketball on my church team and that season was able to jump and grab the rim again; something I never thought possible again since my amputation. It was a dream come true.

A few years later, a new prosthetist came in and as an amputee said I should be in a narrow ML socket instead; well that screwed me up. I began to develop cysts on the tendon that runs to the leg through the groin and have had issues ever since that day. It was something I should not have let happen, but believed the prosthetist knew what was best for me.


I soon moved on to another prosthetist who was supposed to be one of the best in the country. I asked him to fit me back into a quad-socket as I longed for that comfort and mobility I was used to. He refused due to the quad-socket being considered old tech as he only looks forward to up and coming technologies. After almost a year of not getting fit, I went without a leg for three more years. I couldn’t stand the sockets I was being fit into. They didn’t support my lifestyle or myself as a person.

I needed to become mobile again however, and started trying prostheses again as I longed for the freedom to move. I tested total contact sockets, then seal-in suction sockets, which I really like, and even tried elevated vacuum but didn’t really see a big benefit. Finally, my prosthetist fit me into a modified quad and I remained wearing that style to the day I tried the Infinite Socket.

Now the Infinite Socket felt good the first time you put it on. Sure, it is a little tough getting the alignment consistently right when donning it, but that comes with time. The good thing about the socket is that the struts are malleable, and my prosthetist was able to reheat the struts to fit the shape of my limb. During my assisted fitting with Anthony, one of LIM’s clinical training staff, both my prosthetist and I learned a lot about the benefits of the Infinite Socket.

However, the turning point was when I decided the alignment issues were too much bother and I insisted on going back to the quad socket. I was not aware of just how comfortable the Infinite Socket was until I put my old socket on to set up my backup leg. It was so hard and rigid! I couldn’t believe it! I put my Infinite Socket back on and it felt like a pair of worn in slippers.

I now enjoy spending time with my kids, fishing with friends and generally living life to the fullest, pain free. No one socket is right for everybody, the old style quad-socket fit me brilliantly for years, and now I have modern technology, that if it weren’t for my prosthetist looking to test new technologies, I would never have had the chance to try.

As a person who has lost a limb, you must work hard to reach your goals, and results are best when a group of professionals come together to provide the tools to succeed. A good working relationship with your prosthetist is very important so you can achieve the best possible outcomes for your prosthetic use. It is therefore in your hands, as it was in mine, to get the socket that’s right for you.

A Prosthetist Perspective

The best prosthetist for amputees should be a person you can trust. After all, this qualified professional will provide a prosthesis geared to your lifestyle for safe and dependable use on a day-to-day basis. A successful patient-prosthetist relationship however, requires honest communication and the patience, persistence, and willingness to work on problems until they are resolved.

LIM Innovations also searches for knowledgeable, and competent practitioners who are sensitive to amputee’s needs, lifestyle and priorities. Together we work as a team to find the correct balance of function, appearance and comfort required to help amputees get back on their feet, and live beyond the limits of their disabilities.

Chris DiGioia, Certified Prosthetist with Ability Prosthetics, has been with working with LIM’s products since February 2015, and gives a valid insight into what it is like to fit an Infinite Socket.

Chris DiGioia (Ability P&O)

“Fitting the Infinite Socket was probably the quickest and easiest delivery I’ve done to date. The modifications of the struts during fabrication enabled for a quick and easy appointment, which resulted in the patient just donning the socket and leaving our office happy. The patient immediately commented how much more comfortable the Infinite Socket was compared to a traditional rigid carbon socket with flexible liner. I genuinely like and would recommend the Infinite Socket as an option for my patients, despite the only unfortunate thing, the coding for it. At the current price, it’s tough to justify the price over a conventional or sub-ischial socket that uses the same codes. That being said, it’s really beneficial being able to adjust so many different aspects of the Infinite Socket, if needed, and still have the socket look as if no modifications were done. Patients don’t want to receive a new socket only to have pads glued in at follow up, which makes the Infinite so unique.

chris_2016 (1)

Read more about Ability P&O here.

LIM Innovations™ Gets Medicare Approval

LIM Innovations™ are proud to announce that the Infinite Socket® is now covered and reimbursed by Medicare.

LIM Innovations, a medical technology company, announced that it’s prosthetic socket, the Infinite Socket, has been granted Medicare insurance coverage. This new advancement in prosthetics that improves comfort, freedom and access to care, is now more readily available to amputees around the country.

“We appreciate Medicare’s thorough evaluation of the Infinite Socket,” says Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Andrew Pedtke. “Our product can now be considered as an alternative to conventional socket technology and we aim to show patients, providers, and the health care system as a whole the value we bring to the O&P industry.”

LIM Innovations is a prosthetics design company empowering people to live beyond the limits of their disabilities. LIM’s Infinite Socket is a custom-molded modular prosthetic socket that makes it possible for amputees to walk with greater comfort and freedom than before. With this latest Medicare ruling, it’s safe to say that the Infinite Socket is just the start of a series of prosthetic breakthroughs from LIM in advancing the options for amputees and those with other physical disabilities.

Tammy's Journey to Inspire

Our monthly installation – Then and Now – features #LIMLegend Tammy Myers and her heartfelt journey post amputation, inspiring others along the way.   



My life was pretty average before moving to Decatur, Texas. I was a stay at home Mom, grandmother of three, a little adventurous, and with a deep love for water and the outdoors. With my Son attending a new high school and me juggling unpacking with Christmas shopping, it was an extremely busy time for me. I was having some leg cramps that worsened rapidly until I could no longer ignore them. I couldn’t walk around in a store without looking for a bench or stopping to rub my leg & wondering if I would make it to the car.

Fortunately, I happened to have an appointment with my doctor that day in what became a pivotal moment in my life! A day I never forget! 12-14-07. I went in for a routine Doppler and never actually got out of hospitals and rehabs until the end of January. The Doppler showed a clot in my artery behind my knee. I remember leaving to get in car to go eat with my family and the Doctor calling me back into the ward or risk me losing my foot. I was thinking “Yeah right! Is he serious?”

I remember people being there intermittently after being admitted for my five procedures. The surgeon wanted to take my leg off at the hip but my family refused. They had me transferred to St. Paul where the surgery took place through the night Christmas Eve into the following festive day. They were able to save my leg above my knee. It was hard, I won’t lie. I had only gone in for a Doppler and cramping and here I was with one leg amputated above the knee.

I did not know any other amputee; I was in severe pain and didn’t know what to expect next. A new way of live was soon to begin, relearning to do things everyone take for granted. I was determined to be as independent as possible and quickly started physical therapy where Brett Braziel taught me how to think out of the box not only with my therapy but in life in general where only “I CAN!” was accepted.

I noticed there was a need in the amputee community that wasn’t being fulfilled, where I knew I could make a positive difference. Following this realization, in 2008 I founded a support group for the community and outlying areas called ‘Amputees In Motion’. I had finally found my passion and my purpose! What a blessing! I started working out, being a social butterfly, not taking no for an answer and learned I was stronger than I ever knew. After speaking to old and young people alike without judgment, I learned one can make a difference. To kick off the inspiring nature of AIM I went skydiving with my son to show that life doesn’t end after amputation; there’s always a way to do things and live your dreams.

Unfortunately, 2008 was a rough road filled with multiple health and leg issues, and elected to have a revision to have staff scraped from the bone and the limb cut shorter. After having a blood clot up my arm to my brain they finally diagnosed me with a rare disorder that I would have never know about had I not lost my leg.

Today I can say all these things make me a stronger and better rounded woman. I’m the Founder of Amputees In Motion, a registered peer visitor with the Amputee Coalition, proud LIM Ambassador as well as belonging to multiple Women’s groups to help inspire, motivate others. Since I’ve lost my leg I have gone skydiving, parasailing, inner tubing, zip-lining, and taken a cruise with the Amputee Coalition.  

Over the years I’ve had several traditional sockets. I’m so thankful I found LIM Innovations. My limb is constantly fluctuating due to the activities I take part in, but I no longer have to worry how my limb will fit in the socket. My socket just adjusts to the shape of my limb, no matter where I am, with the crank of the ratchet fastener around the brim. No more stomping in the morning when I wake up. I keep the socket on all day, walking with unparalleled comfort that allows me to participate in all my activities. In the future I would like to try and run a 5k!

My socket is very unique in the way it was developed, for I have custom leopard print strut covers as well as this dynamic design, that act as a way to start conversations and open doors to educating others. I hope to continue helping others achieving what they want to do, and try new things with my Infinite Socket including getting through the Texas heat!

I just want to tell the whole World about LIM and why it’s important for all of us to be able to choose comfort and technology. In order for amputees to live a life that’s productive, it’s vital that we get a say in what prosthesis want. Everyone should all be able to have dreams like walking our first 5k, be a member on a rowing team, (my secret dream haha) or just walking comfortably round a shop without pain, and with LIM’s Infinite Socket I feel like all this could one day be possible. 


Clinical Trials at Pace Rehab UK

Our Clinical Specialist, Anthony Ung, has been overseas in Europe supporting our newest International Certified Provider, Pace Rehabilitation.  Pace is a reputable and well known prosthetic clinic in England and we are happy to have them on our team.  After three successful and time saving fittings, the patients were walking, riding bikes, and all smiles after the process.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.57.55 AM

If you were to ask an established above the knee amputee what they would ideally like from their prosthetic socket, it would be expected that they would reply with comments relating to the ability to adjust the fit in response to daily and short term changes to volume.

We typically hear descriptions of a well rehearsed and sometimes lengthy morning routines to apply the prosthesis, a period of good fit during the day and then a little more movement experienced later as the limb reduces in size.

For some, prosthetic socks are applied as the day goes on.  Others are less keen and continue regardless.  Then there’s other challenges such as changes to shape and size according to weather and seasons.  Summer months and hot weather often cause some increase in volume, colder months some reduction.  Christmas and holiday periods also tend to lead to tight fitting sockets soon after.  For many it’s a continual challenge to maintain the good fit of the socket.

Over the years, attempts have been made with varying success to provide a prosthetic socket with a degree of adjustability.  We’ve seen air inflated bladders used, assisted vacuum units attempting to minimize volume fluctuation and BOA type systems to wind in further tension to the socket.

Recently at Pace Rehabilitation, we have been working closely with the team at LIM, a company based in San Francisco to evaluate their Infinite socket design.  Commercially available since September 2014 and with almost 300 fittings carried out, this unique design of self adjustable socket has recently become available within the UK.

Following live on line training sessions with the US team, video conferences, casting and data capture sessions, three existing above the knee amputees who receive support from Pace Rehabilitation have been fitted under the guidance of one of the LIM prosthetists within our clinics.

We are in the process of fitting those using locking liner and Seal-In type designs of interface system.  Early initial response is very positive and encouraging with improvements being offered to the levels of comfort during standing, walking and sitting from this softer and more forgiving design.   Of course the ability for the user to adjust the fit of the socket during the day by the use of a ratchet strap or Velcro strapping is especially welcomed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.58.19 AM

Self adjustments to the to the socket, temporarily removing support under the ischium within the backside along with a softer brim at the top seems to allow for comfortable use on a bike where full support can be returned after the fitness session or ride.  The control of the prosthesis from the socket appears as good if not better in some cases during walking when compared to a more rigid and conventional design.

During this period of evaluation we will continue to learn the capabilities of LIM Infinite socket.  We can certainly see the potential from this design and expect that this will become a serious offering to those who we support in clinic.

Further designs are in development, including an option for below the knee amputations.  We will continue to provide information when it becomes available.

Pain Free Comfort Everyday

6:00AM every morning my alarm goes off and I wake up to one of the most beautiful views overlooking San Francisco, CA from my apartment in Tiburon. Another day, another chance to transform someone’s life and provide them opportunities to walk without in pain free. After I finish my morning ritual of the usual wakeup: breakfast, shave, shower, I slip into my suction Infinite Socket, adjust the ratchet to the necessary tension, and head over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Arriving at LIM Innovations HQ, I will spend the next 10-12 hours on my feet. I kick my morning off with coffee, a quick production meeting, and then we start the socket building machine, aka the production team! Building an Infinite Socket requires multiple stations, and multiple people working together. The fact of the matter is once we start the day, we are all on our feet and constantly moving. My socket keeps me pain free all day and most of all I am comfortable while on my feet and working.

Despite the long day, I take pride in the fact that LIM Innovations and I are establishing new standards for amputees to live by. I head home before unwinding with an evening walk of a mile or so accompanied by my girlfriend Nadia and our dogs. The rolling hills and incredible sunset provide me with a perfect backdrop to realize that no matter how long I’m on my Infinite Socket, I never stop to even think about it. I haven’t had a blister or skin breakdown in over a year of wearing this unique alternative to traditional prosthesis. That is quite an achievement in the grand scheme of things.

After cooking our family dinner, I wash the dishes and finish a few emails before heading to bed. I unleash the ratchet strap, release the air in my suction cup and give it a quick clean. I fall asleep relaxed knowing I can fulfill my daily activities just as anyone does, whilst exploring new paths that shape who I am today.

20160112 LIM Office SF BW net-0119 copy

LIM Innovations® head to IoT Nexus

With medical technologies looking to drive transformational change to business models supporting the healthcare industry, LIM Innovations® has been asked to participate on a panel at IoT Nexus. The event will take place on 10-11 February in San Francisco with key players from Logitech, IBM and Oracle all present.

CEO Andrew Pedtke and #LIMLegend Ranjit Steiner will feature on a panel with representatives from ‘Sengled’, ‘Grabit Inc’, and ‘ReelDx’ in a session that focuses on cases that are inspiring end-users, who are using IoT, to drive business innovation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, etc, which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

IoT is helping companies to connect, transform, and reimagine how they do business. Across every industry vertical, IoT is driving operational efficiencies and creating new opportunities for developing products and delivering services, in an event that we are proud to be a part of.

LIM Innovations at CES Digital Health Summit

Last week, LIM Innovations® attended the CES Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas. With more than 160,000 attendees, the equivalent of 28 football fields of exhibitor space, and an impressive contingent of healthcare experts the experience was as exciting as it was informative.


New technologies are beginning to drive transformative change to the fundamental business models supporting healthcare delivery. Current products and services on the market focus on analyzing what is out there with the ultimate goal of being able to take the resulting data and turning it in to something that is actionable. The overall result is care based on individual patient requirements. Patients are now empowered to choose which provider to engage with and have a greater say in what it is they need.

With this in mind, CEO/Co-founder of LIM, Dr. Andrew Pedtke and #LIMLegend Dan McMullan were invited to present at the Summit with the concept on how digital health not only changed Dan’s life, but is also saving lives across the World. With the spotlight on Dan’s story of him walking comfortably in his Infinite Socket™ alongside family into the sunset after a whole day of being active on his feet, the focus turned to Dr. Pedtke who highlighted the importance of innovation in the prosthetic industry.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibmWevfIAFM&w=560&h=315]


Dr. Pedtke addressed the fact that LIM Innovations® aims to solve the rigidity of traditional sockets that struggle to capture volume fluctuation, as well as offer comfort and control. The Infinite Socket™ provides a simple solution to these issues and allows us to work with everyday amputees who face these everyday problems. The collection of feedback data collected from amputees donning our socket allows for R&D opportunities through analysis of data that will ultimately continue to develop not only the Infinite Socket™, but also drive innovation of future products down the line.

The invitation to present at the Digital Health Summit was not only a great opportunity for #LIMLegend Dan McMullan to share his eye-opening story but also allowed us to firmly stamp our commitment in supporting where digital health is heading in the disability space through our prosthetic technologies developed from data solutions.

Helping 200 amputees find more comfort

It’s been a year since shipping the first Infinite Socket and I’m proud to announce that 200 amputees are using LIM to walk comfortably and with greater control than before.

200 people is just a start for LIM. Afterall, there are an estimated 2 million people living with limb loss in the U.S. and 40 million internationally. But for us, this milestone demonstrates what we’ve only dreamed could be true: To develop a better prosthetic socket that enables amputees to live beyond their injuries and to get more from life.

We love what we do because everyday we talk to people who are searching for a better prosthetic limb and we can help them. One person at a time and each with their own story. As a result, there’s a lot of joy happening at LIM in 2015 and we’re all looking forward to helping more and more people in the year to come.

Thanks and happy holidays.

Andrew Pedtke
CEO, LIM Innovations

Quality Prosthetics made in the USA

Located in California and renowned for making products within our San Francisco HQ from fabrics produced locally, LIM Innovations stands for the highest quality and most adjustable prosthetic socket available. Always committed to producing the best prosthetic socket, we field-test every item we make to ensure its quality is of the highest standard and of course made in the USA.

So why do we manufacture our sockets in San Francisco?

Ultimately, buying locally strengthens our community. Supporting local shops within San Francisco helps promote the work of local craftsmen, small business owners and the future of manufacturing in America. When purchasing materials made closer to home, a larger percentage of profits are reinvesting in the community they are sold in, therefore sustaining our standpoint as an ethically sound company that cares as much about the quality of our products as we do about the local community.

Also constructing the sockets in the USA helps us protect our #LimLegends from products contaminated with toxic chemicals, and made with faulty materials. Each socket goes through a rigorous testing process, and every component is examined to ensure it is legitimately sound for production.

With such a small and talented team of production engineers and fabrication experts we boast an exceptionally quick turn around time, and have shown flexibility with some orders in the past.

usa-madeRecently we produced 5 sockets in 48 hours from measurements to production to fitting the patent.

This kind of dedication and passion shown in the creation of our sockets shows just how much we care about aiding amputees on their road to recovery and value every socket that leaves our door. We aim to ROCK the world of prosthetics, changing amputee’s lives one day and socket at a time using safe materials and constructed by our talented production team we are so lucky to have here at LIM Innovations.

Advocate of Hope for Fellow Veterans

This week we remember the service of our veterans, who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free. We are grateful to those who gave their all to protect and defend our freedom at the expense of their own safety. The pride that our veterans showed when donning their uniform should be matched in the care we offer them following their service, and to honor them we thought it right to share some stories of their bravery and life after their service. Today we share military veteran and Infinite Socket user Paul Beyer’s story about how he aims to be an advocate of hope for fellow amputated veterans who choose to remain wheelchair bound.

I’m falling! There’s only one thing that I’m afraid of and that’s fear itself. I found myself afraid of falling because the prosthetic device I had didn’t work and I fell all the time. I’m a larger than life type of guy, Sniper Scout in Vietnam with a six second life expectancy, over 135 missions completed, you name it I’ve done it! The amputation really cut me down to size. Now I’m worried about falling? FALLING? The scenario desperately needed to change, so if there was something out there that could help my case, I’d embrace it and run with it.

One meeting with my prosthetist in Hawaii, and I was handed a Wired magazine. There, in the centerfold was the Infinite Socket™; I lusted after it. It looked so inviting, like somebody really cared in the production of it. I firmly believe ‘if meant to be it’s up to me,’ so I went after it and for the first time in a long while I got really excited about the prospect of having a product where my needs were put first and maybe, just maybe, I might not fall.

In Vietnam I did some pretty radical combat related things and came back home to see people judging me about what I did; it hurt. I tried to cover up the pain through my tough guy biker character until it became all too much and I couldn’t cope anymore. It wasn’t until I made a life changing decision that set me on the good road in life. It breaks my heart seeing other amputee war veterans going through the same ordeal but mentally quit. 70% of amputated veterans over the age of 60 melt into the material of their wheelchair because they follow the path of least resistance. They look at their options, rationalize them, get comfortable in their wheelchair and sustain that lonely helpless feeling.

Today, when I turn up at any VA hospital and my fellow veterans see the enthusiasm rushing through me now that I’m mobile and comfortable with myself, they begin to believe again. Sometimes people just need to be prompted and reminded that they are no different, that there is life after amputation. I want to talk to every veteran in a wheelchair out there… I want them to talk to me. A lot of people don’t have anybody anymore, and the fact that LIM Innovations has produced something that provides a hope to many immobile people goes a long way in providing a better option to life. It’s another chance.

There are people out there who are wasting away and need alternative options to start a better life. Imagine the feeling if you helped someone out and they came up to you and said “Thanks, you saved my life.” Now that’s what I’m after!

What I like about the socket is that with all the tissue and fluid fluctuation going all over the place, the ratchet actually captures it, encases it and you don’t have to worry about it. With the World Team Sport Challenge coming up Lim has given me something that I can crank on and tighten giving me all the confidence in the World to go out there and do it without my fear of falling. Time to get out of the wheelchair and back into life!

My First ACA National Conference

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. We have a fantastic group of engineers, designers, machinists, clinicians, and amputees with relevant experience in the field. With such a diverse group working behind the scenes, we invite you to join one of our staff members each week for an in-depth look at what they bring to table. It is our goal to provide our loyal reader’s a behind-the-scenes look at LIM Innovations. Ranjit Steiner, Marketing Director, picks up the pen this week to discuss his first experience at the ACA National Conference.


If I Had It My Way Video

I attended my first ACA National Conference last week in Arizona.

I have been an amputee for nearly five years, and have learned a lot in that time. I can still remember my first track meet four years ago. I walked up to Kortney Clemons, whose videos I had been watching on YouTube since deciding to amputate my leg, and asked him if I could warm up with him. Without hesitation, he introduced himself and told me to jump right in. Last season, I was on the other end of the table. I was on the infield warming up, when a new Paralympic hopeful came up to me and asked if he could join me in my warm up.

Attending the ACA National Conference reminded me of those moments, because I was exposed to both ends of the spectrum again. This time I was right in the middle of it all. I learned from more experienced amputees, and provided whatever experience I have to newer amputees.

LIM Innovations took center stage at the event. We had a booth on the showroom floor, hosted a product workshop, participated in a panel discussion on advancements in prosthetic socket technology, and sponsored the first Night Under the Stars event.

The Night Under the Stars event proved to be the highlight of the conference. We launched a video campaign “If I had it my way”, where amputees were asked to introduce themselves and share what they would do with their life if they had it their way. We had nearly 40 participants of all different backgrounds. The answers ranged from singing and dancing again to giving away legs to children in need, and everything in-between. The goal is to impact health insurers and policy makers to provide better care and coverage for advanced prosthetic technology.

What I was not expecting, was the drawn-out emotional responses and personal connection to the question. I began to wonder how many people had truly thought about what they would do if they had it their way prior to that moment on camera. It was an eye-opening experience to see people share such personal and intricate details of their lives with a complete stranger. Being behind that camera is an experience I would not trade for anything else.

I am hopeful that this campaign will have a lasting impact, not only on the people who participated and shared their stories with us, but also on Capitol Hill.

LIM Innovations has compiled a short video, capturing a snippet of each person’s response, to take to Capitol Hill. We hope to use this video to influence policy, and improve the access to care for amputees.

We hope you enjoy the video, encourage you to share it on your social media networks, and invite you to contact us to find out how you can work with LIM Innovations and the Amputee Coalition to take action and lobby for your limb.

If you would like to get involved, please reach out to me at rsteiner@liminnovations.com or check out the Amputee Coalition’s Grassroots Advocacy Center.

LIM Innovations encourages all of our followers to sign the petition to rescind the recent Medicare proposal. We support our LIM Certified Providers, Infinite Socket users, and the rest of the amputee community to improve access to care and advanced prosthetic technology.

Moving Day

From the beginning of LIM, production has been extremely grateful to share workshop space with the prosthetic company SFPOS. Even the basement where we discuss administrative, marketing, and innovation needs has been a mixed space for assembly and production. Now as we continue to grow with orders and design changes, we’ve grown into needing our own lab space as well.

The owner of the building decided to clear out space he had been using as a silicone mold making lab, antique shop, and art studio- and offer it to us as the brand new LIM Innovations Production Headquarters. It’s a beautiful blank canvas now, and it’s exciting to watch new equipment define our vision for the future.

Our address on Divisadero will not be changing, the biggest difference here is how much more elbow room we’ll have and how much less stress SFPOS will have from us asking to borrow their tools. We want to honor the contributions SFPOS has made to our humble beginnings, and thank them as we grow into a strong contributor to the prosthetic industry.

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. We have a fantastic group of engineers, designers, machinists, clinicians, and amputees with relevant experience in the field. With such a diverse group working behind the scenes, we invite you to join one of our staff members each week for an in-depth look at what they bring to table. It is our goal to provide our loyal readers a behind-the-scenes look at LIM Innovations. Elizabeth Wandtke, Production Manager, picked up the pen this week to invite you to our new production facility here in San Francisco, CA.

User Driven Decisions

I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2006. After a series of infections, I decided to amputate my leg in 2010. In the first five years since my amputation, I have learned a lot, and am still learning more.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is to control your condition and all decisions made about your residual limb and prosthesis. Our commitment to User Generated Innovation, here at LIM Innovations, got me thinking about the importance of user driven decisions. Your prosthetist is one of the best resources you have, but you are the one who has to live with your prosthesis.

I have been fortunate to receive great care from my prosthetists. They are receptive to my feedback, and provide me with the care I need and want. In just four years, I have received all the necessary equipment. I learned to walk on my 3R60. I learned to run on my 3R55. I became a runner with the 3S80. My prosthetist helped me make these decisions, but I had the final say. This is also how I made the choice to wear the Infinite Socket.

It is important to remember that you are the person who has to wear the prosthesis. It is your goals and aspirations that matter, and ultimately your decision to make.

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. We have a fantastic group of engineers, designers, machinists, clinicians, and amputees with relevant experience in the field. With such a diverse group working behind the scenes, we invite you to join one of our staff members each week for an in-depth look at what they bring to table. It is our goal to provide our loyal readers a behind-the-scenes look at LIM Innovations. Ranjit Steiner, Director of Marketing, picks up the pen this week to discuss the the importance of controlling your condition, and user driven decisions.

LIM Innovations at AAOP

We are excited to announce our exhibit and workshop at the 41st Academy Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans (AAOP). LIM Innovations will host a four-hour technical workshop on Wednesday, February 18th. We also invite you to join us at booths 76-77 to learn more about LIM Innovations and the Infinite Socket™

Our technical workshop will consist of three core segments. We will give a detailed presentation about LIM Innovations and our product line, train clinicians to fit the Infinite Socket, and invite new attendees to discuss potential clinical partnerships. We will breakdown the four-hour workshop as follows:

  • 1-hour presentation from Garrett Hurley – Co-Founder and Inventor
  • 15-minute break and meet-and-greet with the LIM Innovations team
  • 2-hour hands-on clinical training session with trained prosthetists and users
  • 45-minute additional Q&A and clinical partnership discussion

Andrew Pedtke, Co-Founder and CEO, will be available one-on-one appointments with interested clinical partners throughout the entire technical workshop. We encourage you to RSVP to RSVP@LimInnovations.com if you are interested in participating in the clinical training session, or if you would like to set an appointment to meet with Andrew.

We are proud to present below-knee prototypes and continued development on our above-knee model at AAOP.

Technical Workshop Specific Details

Workshop #29: A Breakthrough in Socket Design: The Infinite Socket™

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Location: Bolden 5, Level 2 in the Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Feel free to contact rsteiner@liminnovations.com for more details, or go to the AAOP website.