Infinite Socket Warranty Policy

The Infinite Socket Warranties (hard goods vs soft goods) protects LIM Certified Providers against any defects in workmanship or manufacturing.  The warranties apply when the Infinite Socket is used as intended without unapproved modifications.  Unapproved modifications, or adjustments made by clinicians who are not LIM Clinically Trained Prosthetists, are cause for voiding the warranties.

Items Covered by the HARD GOODS WARRANTY (2 Years from Date of Shipment)

  • Base Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Struts
  • Hardware

Items Covered by the SOFT GOODS WARRANTY (6 months from Date of Shipment)

  • Proximal Brim
  • Tensioner
  • Strut Covers
  • Ischial Seat
  • Distal Pad
  • Seal-In Cup
  • Valve
  • Lanyard Puck
  • Lanyard Strap
If you have any questions about the Warranties offered for the Infinite Socket please call LIM Clinical Support (855) 658-0711

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