The Infinite Socket™ TT-S is the prosthetic industry’s thinnest and lightest dual-wall adjustable socket. The socket offers select areas of flex and rigidity for unparalleled all-day comfort.

Simplicity at your fingertips

The sleek Infinite Socket™ TT-S for Below Knee amputees features a natural profile while wearing pants, yet delivers universal adjustability for compressive volume management while providing posterior relief.

Conforming to your every step

The human inspired design provides a conforming fit, comprising a mixture of rigid and flexible areas that relieve bony prominences and reduces the risk of skin ulcerations. The Infinite Socket™ TT-S interface delivers product durability, dynamic flex, and vibration damping technology to compliment your every step.

Adjustable without the bulk and weight

The slender design of the socket comprises of an adjustable BOA® dial optimized by Click Medical™ ergonomically placed below the base plate. Experience exceptional control of your socket with the benefits of a daily adjustable socket without the associated bulk and weight.

Unparalleled Knee Flexion

The adjustable posterior firmwear supports the calf, yet encourages superior flexion at the knee. A single release of the BOA® dial provides sitting relief for maximum comfort. Bend, kneel and squat without irritation or pinching with the Infinite Socket™ TT-S.

Rapid Release donning and doffing

The adjustable BOA® dial, and posterior firmwear allow rapid donning and doffing to efficiently get your desired fit.

Custom to You

Our unique fabrication method differs based on the patient profile to ensure optimal socket strength and conformity for your everyday needs. The socket is accompanied by a flush textile cosmetic cover but functions perfectly without to provide you with fashion choices to fit your mood.

Built to Last

Tested to ISO 10328 standards with an increased weight limit of 320 lb.

Socket Interface

The combination of materials integrated into a single frame reduces wall thickness while providing improved durability, flexibility, and formability.

Distal Mounted Closure System

The Infinite Socket™ TT-S proprietary materials allow the interface to be easily recontoured with a heat gun. The distally-mounted closure system is ergonomically placed to reduce overall socket bulk.

Pressure Management Strap

The pressure management strap provides a tapered closure. Distal and proximal bias can be controlled by moving the strap medially or laterally.

Adjustable Modular Guides

Anterior guides can be moved for limbs longer than 15 cm. The guides intuitively move when the line of pull needs to be changed or the patient has sensitive areas they are looking to relieve pressure from.

Modular Posterior Pad

The posterior pocket houses a flexible posterior pad. The pad can be shaped, modified or replaced by the Clinician who is empowered to control the shape, density, and size.

Soft Shell Cover

The Infinite Socket™ TT-S is accompanied with a flush textile cosmetic cover but functions perfectly without to provide you with fashion choices to fit your mood.

Reimbursement Information

In the United States, prosthetists must classify the components of a prosthesis according to standard billing codes, called L-codes. LIM Innovations, as well as other industry manufacturers, suggests L-codes for their products. It is the responsibility of prosthetists to use correct coding when submitting information to Medicare and private insurance companies.