Experience Freedom.

Get the comfort and functionality of the world’s most adjustable socket.

A Revolution in Comfort and Fit

The Infinite Socket TT

A custom-molded, modular, and dynamic socket system for below-the-knee patients. A modular frame and advanced pressure distribution system enables clinicians and patients to adjust the socket in response to activity, pressure areas, and the body’s shape change.

Infinte TF with Medial Relief Brim and Ratchet Strap

The Infinite Socket TF

A versatile, custom-molded, modular socket for above-the-knee patients. Designed to provide maximum clinician and patient adjustability to deliver unprecedented function and comfort.


The LIM Infinite Socket is the only socket that truly accommodates your body’s daily fluctuations, giving you the natural comfort you deserve.


Everyday adjustability answers your need to gain full control of fit and function.


Advanced fabrics and superior design make for a level of comfort that challenges the conventional socket with every step.


Live life on your terms. Enjoy time with your kids, explore the world without adding socks.

Our Technology

Our proprietary process, LIM CAPTURE, uses measurements and images to develop a 3D, digital version of a mold to fabricate an Infinite Socket that’s unique to each individual’s limb. No more test sockets - we empower clinicians to make adjustments in the final fitting, shortening the fitting process.

For Partners


The LIM Infinite Socket and LIM Care program offer turnkey technology and service solutions that address the needs of amputees and bring a new paradigm in patient center care.


Data drives our health care decisions. As a LIM Care partner, you have access to LIM’s data-driven prosthetic care model that eliminates gaps in the continuum of care, allowing you to meet today's healthcare demands.

Our Story

LIM Innovations was founded in 2012 when Andrew Pedtke, MD met, prosthetist Garrett Hurley, CPO while practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their shared interest in international health, innovative spirit, and desire to improve amputees lives, sparked a collaboration to revolutionize the prosthetic industry.

The two clinicians turned entrepreneur / inventor brought to market the Infinite Socket System and novel prosthetic care model- transforming patient comfort, freedom and access to care.

LIM stays dedicated to its roots to help the underserved and is building its social impact effort, LIM Reach, to meet the growing need of amputee technology and services.