Intellectual Property

LIM Innovations™ believes in the importance of protecting its intellectual property through patent and trademark filings and a trade secret policy. With these types of protection, LIM can continue to devote resources toward innovative new technologies that benefit and empower our amputee users.

To that end, we’re developing a portfolio of US and foreign patents covering numerous aspects of our products, including the innovative strut-based structure of the Infinite Socket ™ system, the hardware and soft goods components, the use of innovative materials, and methods of making and using our products. Our engineers and designers, an in-house patent agent, and outside counsel all work closely to ensure that key inventions are efficiently captured in patent applications.

LIM Innovations presently has five issued US Patents (a sixth will issue soon), 15 pending US utility patent applications, one pending US design patent application, pending foreign counterparts to selected applications, as well as host of US pending provisional patent applications. Our issued US Patents are listed below.

US 8,978,224 Claims to a method of assembling a modular prosthetic socket
US 9,044,349 Claims to a modular prosthetic socket structure
US 9,468,543 Claims to a modular prosthetic socket having an adjustable strut angle
US 9,468,542 Claims to prosthetic socket liner with moisture management features
US 9,474,633 Claims to an alignable coupling assembly for a prosthetic socket
US 2015/0313730 Claims to a prosthetic socket structure having a weight bearing ischial seat (to issue by early 2017)
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