Our story began in 2012 when orthopedic surgeon Andrew Pedtke, MD met prosthetist Garrett Hurley, CPO while practicing at University of California San Francisco. Their shared interest in international health, global policy, and improving outcomes for the amputees they served sparked a collaboration to challenge the status quo in patient outcomes.

Their goal: identify and tackle the most overlooked areas limiting the freedom, comfort, and activity of amputees. Their research showed that the lynchpin to positively affecting amputee function and performance lay in the human-technology interface - the point where the prosthetic connects to the human body. The two clinicians turned entrepreneurs/inventors deconstructed and reinvented the prosthetic socket, a device that once held back the user, the clinician, and the industry as a whole.

And so, LIM Innovations was born - a prosthetic product design company aimed at empowering amputees to live beyond the limits of their disabilities. LIM’s flagship product, the Infinite Socket™ system, is the first device to offer a holistic improvement in patient comfort, freedom, and access to care.

Since LIM’s inception, Andrew and Garrett have assembled a diverse team of engineers, industrial designers, and materials specialists to build the best, most adjustable socket on the market. The LIM team spent nearly two years developing a viable product and went to market with the first modular and adjustable Infinite Socket™ on September 4, 2014.