Infinite Socket Terms & Conditions and Return Policy

Infinite Socket Terms & Conditions and Return Policy

Terms & Conditions:

When a purchase from LIM Innovations is made, the terms of payment are as follows:

2% / 10 Net 30:  Payment is due within 30 days from date of Invoice.  If LIM receives payment within 10 calendar days of invoice, a 2% credit is logged to your account that can be applied on your next purchase.

Special Note: New Clinical Partner orders for their first socket require a 25% cash in advance payment.

Freight Policy:

All LIM products are shipped F.O.B. (Freight on Board) from LIM, meaning that once a shipment leaves the LIM Innovations facility, it is the customer’s responsibility.
Once a shipment from LIM is accepted by the shipping company the risk of loss shifts to the customer and the customer is then responsible for filing any necessary claims. Please inspect shipments for damage BEFORE signing for the delivery. If the customer receives damaged goods, he/she should immediately contact the local representative of the shipping company to submit a claim of damaged goods.

For International / Non-US Orders:

All charges (Customs, Duties, Taxes and VAT) associated with the shipment of orders from LIM Innovations to destinations outside of the USA are the responsibility of the customer. A separate invoice will be sent to collect on these charges.

Return Policy:

Please note that the Infinite socket is a custom-made product and is non-returnable or refundable.  

LIM strives for total customer satisfaction, so when an unusual situation arises, a return can be authorized only under the following conditions.

  • Items cannot be returned without a Return Authorization #.
  • Information needed when requesting a Return Authorization#:
    1. ☑ Name of ordering clinician
    2. ☑ Practice Name
    3. ☑ Patient Initials
    4. ☑ Invoice Number
    5. ☑ Reason for Return
    6. ☑ Description of Item being returned
    7. ☑ Statement of Clinical Problem
    8. ☑ Statement of Clinical Adjustment
    9. ☑ Summary of LIM support recommendation
  • Refusal of LIM Clinical Support during their first two fittings voids the return policy for those sockets and a full payment is due for those sockets
  • Refusal of LIM assistance to resolve a fitting issue to the patient’s satisfaction voids the return policy for that socket and a full payment is due.
  • Returns must be made within 21 calendar days of socket receipt(per the tracking number). All returns, regardless of the decision in the 21 day time frame, still result in a full payment due under our standard net 30 terms.
  • Return Authorization #’s are issued by LIM Customer Service/Support, and are obtained after speaking with the regional Clinical Specialist regarding the reason for return.

Receipt of a returned socket by LIM covered by a Return Authorization number from LIM will result in credit, less a 10% return fee, to the Clinical Partner Account which can be applied to a future purchase

CLINICAL SUPPORT (855) 658-0711


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