Patient Outcomes

LIM Innovations provides a holistic approach to patient care, decreasing the financial burden for patients, healthcare providers, and payers. We collaborate with your entire rehabilitation team to guide patients through their follow-up care, insurance claims, and establishing independence.

We have established a standardized set of Functional Outcomes Measures to monitor patient success throughout their rehabilitation. We assess comfort, increased mobility, and improved biomechanical energy requirements through Functional Outcome Measures. The Socket Comfort Score, Four Square Step Test, and Two-Minute Walking Test are a series of activity tasks that are administered during the evaluations, fittings, and follow-ups. The data we collect lays the groundwork for extensive research opportunities and journal publications with major health care networks & research institutions.

Published Journals & Abstracts

Fluctuating residual limb volume accommodated with an adjustable, modular socket design (Case Report)

An adjustable, modular socket design was trialled. The residual limb volume fluctuations were accommodated within the socket. Amputee rehabilitation could be continued, and the rehabilitation goals were achieved. The patient was able to wear the prosthesis for 8 hours daily and to walk unaided indoors and outdoors.

A Needs Finding Assessment Through Early Clinical Results of Patient Use and Satisfaction with a Dynamic Modular Socket System (White Paper)

This narrative provides a comprehensive overview of the current prosthetic environment as well as the many pitfalls associated with current research and development and manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, a sample of n=35 Infinite Socket users ≥ 60 years of age, were asked to participate in the survey.

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