Pain Free Comfort Everyday

6:00AM every morning my alarm goes off and I wake up to one of the most beautiful views overlooking San Francisco, CA from my apartment in Tiburon. Another day, another chance to transform someone’s life and provide them opportunities to walk without in pain free. After I finish my morning ritual of the usual wakeup: breakfast, shave, shower, I slip into my suction Infinite Socket, adjust the ratchet to the necessary tension, and head over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Arriving at LIM Innovations HQ, I will spend the next 10-12 hours on my feet. I kick my morning off with coffee, a quick production meeting, and then we start the socket building machine, aka the production team! Building an Infinite Socket requires multiple stations, and multiple people working together. The fact of the matter is once we start the day, we are all on our feet and constantly moving. My socket keeps me pain free all day and most of all I am comfortable while on my feet and working.

Despite the long day, I take pride in the fact that LIM Innovations and I are establishing new standards for amputees to live by. I head home before unwinding with an evening walk of a mile or so accompanied by my girlfriend Nadia and our dogs. The rolling hills and incredible sunset provide me with a perfect backdrop to realize that no matter how long I’m on my Infinite Socket, I never stop to even think about it. I haven’t had a blister or skin breakdown in over a year of wearing this unique alternative to traditional prosthesis. That is quite an achievement in the grand scheme of things.

After cooking our family dinner, I wash the dishes and finish a few emails before heading to bed. I unleash the ratchet strap, release the air in my suction cup and give it a quick clean. I fall asleep relaxed knowing I can fulfill my daily activities just as anyone does, whilst exploring new paths that shape who I am today.

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