Adjustment Made Easy

Hi my name is Lynn De Cola. I have been an amputee for 23 years following a motorcyle accident that claimed my right leg above the knee in 1993.

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I received my first conventional socket in 1993 and it’s rigidity had always caused me issues. The funny thing is that it looks exactly like the conventional sockets offered in 2016, with its flexible inner liner and rigid frame. I became a prosthetist in 1994 when my prosthetist invited me to come see the work he did. I instantly fell in love and he hired me as an O&P assistant, which spurred me on to become ABC certified by Florida state. I learned of the Infinite Socket through O&P edge, and believed the technology could prove a valid alternative to the sockets I fit on a daily basis. I reached out to LIM Innovations and was fit with the Infinite Socket at AAOP 2016.

The first thing I instantly noticed was the shock absorption from the dynamic struts was incredible. Whilst wearing my previous socket, I felt every bump in the road reverberating up my femur. Now it feels like I’m walking on a soft sponge. As I wore the Infinite Socket and became familiar with the functionality of it, I came to notice other benefits. One big difference was that the brim does not stick to skin like a proflex type flexible liner. The soft goods feel great around my groin and rather than trap the limb, capture it along the top. This leads to the Infinite Socket being cooler. I live in Florida, which has a humid climate that affects the way I maintain suction in the socket. While sitting out in sun, my residual limb does not feel like it’s baking in socket either, which is of huge benefit.

On a daily basis, I drive to work and noticed over a period of time that I had an increased range of motion in my hip flexors when I sit. This allows me to drive long distances without the need of removing my prosthesis and redonning upon my arrival. I can use the rowing machine at the gym and even bend down to pick up things I drop by accident. Convenient and comfortable has been unheard of since 1993…


Naturally, I slow down at the end of the day, but not from painful sockets, but rather from being tired. My activity level has increased dramatically since being fit with the Infinite Socket, and when I arrive back home, I can use the adjustment feature by loosening the ratchet to free the grip around my residual limb. Whilst keeping the socket on, I can actually feel someone’s hand on my lap, the affection of a cat and it’s little paws stomping around in between my struts.

The socket did however, take some getting used to. At first I wanted to take full advantage of the adjustment, and attempted to over tighten the velcro tensioner because I thought the brim should be as tight as possible so as not to slide off.

Of course the tensioner broke, and I was left to make do with my old socket for one day until a new one was shipped. The turn-around times at LIM’s production facility is impressive and their flexibility to cover damages to the socket is unheard of these days.

On another occasion, my brim failed. The version which I was fit with originally had foam around the top of the brim. Once that had flattened out, I was able to feel the plastic interior digging into my groin. I provided feedback and images to the clinical team, and LIM sent out a brand new model with silicon rope along the top to counteract this issue. GOLDEN!

The adjustability of the Infinite Socket is always going to provide some durability kickbacks with parts as consistently seen on anything that moves. The important thing to remember is the quality of my life has dramatically improved as a result of my adjustable modular prosthetic socket.

Pain Free Comfort Everyday

6:00AM every morning my alarm goes off and I wake up to one of the most beautiful views overlooking San Francisco, CA from my apartment in Tiburon. Another day, another chance to transform someone’s life and provide them opportunities to walk without in pain free. After I finish my morning ritual of the usual wakeup: breakfast, shave, shower, I slip into my suction Infinite Socket, adjust the ratchet to the necessary tension, and head over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Arriving at LIM Innovations HQ, I will spend the next 10-12 hours on my feet. I kick my morning off with coffee, a quick production meeting, and then we start the socket building machine, aka the production team! Building an Infinite Socket requires multiple stations, and multiple people working together. The fact of the matter is once we start the day, we are all on our feet and constantly moving. My socket keeps me pain free all day and most of all I am comfortable while on my feet and working.

Despite the long day, I take pride in the fact that LIM Innovations and I are establishing new standards for amputees to live by. I head home before unwinding with an evening walk of a mile or so accompanied by my girlfriend Nadia and our dogs. The rolling hills and incredible sunset provide me with a perfect backdrop to realize that no matter how long I’m on my Infinite Socket, I never stop to even think about it. I haven’t had a blister or skin breakdown in over a year of wearing this unique alternative to traditional prosthesis. That is quite an achievement in the grand scheme of things.

After cooking our family dinner, I wash the dishes and finish a few emails before heading to bed. I unleash the ratchet strap, release the air in my suction cup and give it a quick clean. I fall asleep relaxed knowing I can fulfill my daily activities just as anyone does, whilst exploring new paths that shape who I am today.

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Thanksgiving, through the eyes of a Brit

Today Lim Innovations™ shared a Thanksgiving lunch, to pallet each others festive foods and take in just what it means to be part of a company that has taken everything we knew about prosthetics, deconstructs and then redefines it. Being here for under a year and rarely having exposure to celebrations, I have found that in the US, Thanksgiving is a huge deal, as in it’s a BIG HOLIDAY! Back in the UK the main holiday of the year is Christmas, and although here Christmas is of course an important date, Thanksgiving seems to provide somewhat of a meaning behind the madness for us as a company.

As we sat down together as a Lim Family, poised with plastic forks and turkey designed plates filled to the brim with the traditional Thanksgiving food: pumpkin pie, sweet potato mash, mac’n’cheese, and chicken, not Turkey, but chicken, Brian (our Director of Operations) had a few words to say; “Let’s be grateful as to why we’re here. We have come along way as a company, working together to break down the assumptions of what is considered right in traditional sockets and put it back together with the user in mind. We work for a company that inspires people to not settle for the easy path, but gives them an opportunity to feel empowered in their daily lives once again.”

It was then that I realized that Thanksgiving wasn’t just about getting fat with a great bunch of people who you’ve known and grown with for many years, it’s also about giving back to the community. Why would anyone overlook a holiday with such genuine intentions? Giving back is important for both society and the individual. It’s almost romantic to see so many people come together for a common selfless deed, and that’s why this lunch was amazing.

Turkey is apparently the meat of choice at Thanksgiving, however with such a diverse group working together to provide a meal fit for the Queen of England, only the chicken was bought. The unsurprising thing though, with 20 people bringing food and drink, there was not one duplicate dish. That goes a long way in explaining the company culture at Lim; we combine as a team for a common goal, we don’t duplicate each other’s work as we trust one another, we provide options for people that previously had no alternatives and we make bloody good food.

I for one had a great first Thanksgiving experience, leaving the table with not only my stomach bursting at the seams, but also my mind straining to digest the excitement of where we are and what we are doing right now to change the prosthetics industry. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from everyone at Lim Innovations.


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From Serving Our Nation to Serving Our Veterans

This week we remember the service of our veterans, who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free. We are grateful to those who gave their all to protect and defend our freedom at the expense of their own safety. The pride that our veterans showed when donning their uniform should be matched in the care we offer them following their service, and to honor them we thought it right to share some stories of their bravery and life after their service. Today we share Lim Innovations employee Tristan Wyatt’s story; a past Veteran and amputee, who gave his all in battle and now works to provide the best prosthetic care to other Veterans with limb loss.

I have been a veteran and an amputee for over 12 years with the former identity quickly leading to the latter after a vicious summer in Fallujah in 2003. Over the past few years, the two identities for the most part, have been synonymous with each other as a part of my psyche. When I look at my artificial limb, I cannot help reminiscing on the long hot days in Iraq and the terrifying nights.

Similarly, my thoughts on Veterans Day always seem to include my amputation and artificial limb. Recently, I have noticed that the American psyche has connected these two identities as well in many forms. Around town, I cannot help but notice non-profit organizations’ posters and commercials calling to assist wounded service members often coupled with an amputee veteran.

Social media provides artists like photographer Michael Stokes countless ways to introduce the American mind to the idea of amputation, war and art in an intimate and inventive way. My recent favorite example is a less tasteful meme that was recently posted to my Facebook page by a fellow veteran. It reads, “I am not handicapped. It is my enemy that is handicapped, since my leg is now bulletproof,” printed over a picture of an American solider in a desert, in full combat load and sporting an artificial limb.

Naturally there are a lot of feelings that come up when I see the public making these connections. However, I must admit, I couldn’t help but feel a little pride to see the resilience, dynamism, inventiveness and humor (often at times in the face of horror), that makes our military great and lend itself to another kind of important mission.

This mission is one of awareness, unity and education of limb loss and artificial limb use. On this Veterans Day I raise my glass to our Veterans, especially those bringing awareness to amputation, and to those in the prosthetic industry that also embrace inventiveness, dynamism, resilience and humor. I was fortunate to have served in an organization that embraced those values then and I am fortunate to be a part of an organization that embraces those values now. Cheers, and happy Veterans Day!