Thanksgiving, through the eyes of a Brit

Today Lim Innovations™ shared a Thanksgiving lunch, to pallet each others festive foods and take in just what it means to be part of a company that has taken everything we knew about prosthetics, deconstructs and then redefines it. Being here for under a year and rarely having exposure to celebrations, I have found that in the US, Thanksgiving is a huge deal, as in it’s a BIG HOLIDAY! Back in the UK the main holiday of the year is Christmas, and although here Christmas is of course an important date, Thanksgiving seems to provide somewhat of a meaning behind the madness for us as a company.

As we sat down together as a Lim Family, poised with plastic forks and turkey designed plates filled to the brim with the traditional Thanksgiving food: pumpkin pie, sweet potato mash, mac’n’cheese, and chicken, not Turkey, but chicken, Brian (our Director of Operations) had a few words to say; “Let’s be grateful as to why we’re here. We have come along way as a company, working together to break down the assumptions of what is considered right in traditional sockets and put it back together with the user in mind. We work for a company that inspires people to not settle for the easy path, but gives them an opportunity to feel empowered in their daily lives once again.”

It was then that I realized that Thanksgiving wasn’t just about getting fat with a great bunch of people who you’ve known and grown with for many years, it’s also about giving back to the community. Why would anyone overlook a holiday with such genuine intentions? Giving back is important for both society and the individual. It’s almost romantic to see so many people come together for a common selfless deed, and that’s why this lunch was amazing.

Turkey is apparently the meat of choice at Thanksgiving, however with such a diverse group working together to provide a meal fit for the Queen of England, only the chicken was bought. The unsurprising thing though, with 20 people bringing food and drink, there was not one duplicate dish. That goes a long way in explaining the company culture at Lim; we combine as a team for a common goal, we don’t duplicate each other’s work as we trust one another, we provide options for people that previously had no alternatives and we make bloody good food.

I for one had a great first Thanksgiving experience, leaving the table with not only my stomach bursting at the seams, but also my mind straining to digest the excitement of where we are and what we are doing right now to change the prosthetics industry. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from everyone at Lim Innovations.


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