An Infinite TT Perspective

Nothing brings us more joy than hearing of the differences that the Infinite Socket® Product Line are having on people’s everyday lives. Recently, Jim Demas, a good friend to many LIM employees and below knee amputee, needed some adjustments made to his Infinite TT. While waiting for a fix, he wore his conventional socket, and experienced many changes from the fit he had become accustomed to. Below is the letter he wrote LIM explaining his perspective.

February 5, 2017

To Everyone at LIM,

There’s nothing that gives a new sense of perspective more than revisiting the past. And so I have. In preparing to come in Friday to get my Infinite TT fixed, what an eye opener I experienced in trying to wear my last traditional socket to come in rather than use a wheelchair or crutches.

On donning that traditional socket, I immediately felt the same discomfort I experienced in wearing it for 7 weeks from March-May 2016. It brought back very unpleasant memories. Was I really entering this world again where I experienced discomfort every minute of every day? Yes. So I knew I had to restrict wearing the traditional socket as much as possible to avoid a recurrence of the skin problems it caused before. In fact after only 6 hours of wear and under 500 steps, I was already getting significant skin redness and soreness. Just walking the 2.5 blocks to your office after parking hurt substantially.

I have been reminded of how on May 20, 2016 my life changed dramatically with the Infinite TT. Never has there been any discomfort with it… no matter how many hours I’ve worn it or how many steps I have taken! My TT has been worn as much as 19 hours a day and I’ve walked over 12500 steps and over 6 miles… with absolutely no skin redness, irritation, or soreness. None!

It’s illuminating to realize how much I have gotten used to the capabilities of the Infinite TT. I’ve taken for granted the comfort of it as being normal, as well as the ability to make adjustments with the BOA mechanism over the course of the day so I always have perfect adjustment no matter what volume fluctuations occur. It’s great to be free of the antiquated imprecise technology of socks.

Revisiting the past… yes, it has truly given me a new sense of perspective. I appreciate my Infinite TT socket even more now… and I didn’t think that was possible. The comfort, function, and improved quality of life it affords me is unparalleled. I strongly feel that any clinician who strives to maximize patient comfort and function owes it to his patients to work with the TT. It’s a simple equation for an amputee… the higher the level of comfort, the higher level of function that is possible.

I am so fortunate to work with all of you at LIM and with the Infinite TT. I felt compelled to relate my retro experience with the traditional socket and how it vividly reminded me of how exceptional a socket the Infinite TT is. Your tagline says “Function With Purpose.” Indeed! Thank You. You’re giving me my life back!


Jim Demas