A Prosthetist Perspective

The best prosthetist for amputees should be a person you can trust. After all, this qualified professional will provide a prosthesis geared to your lifestyle for safe and dependable use on a day-to-day basis. A successful patient-prosthetist relationship however, requires honest communication and the patience, persistence, and willingness to work on problems until they are resolved.

LIM Innovations also searches for knowledgeable, and competent practitioners who are sensitive to amputee’s needs, lifestyle and priorities. Together we work as a team to find the correct balance of function, appearance and comfort required to help amputees get back on their feet, and live beyond the limits of their disabilities.

Chris DiGioia, Certified Prosthetist with Ability Prosthetics, has been with working with LIM’s products since February 2015, and gives a valid insight into what it is like to fit an Infinite Socket.

Chris DiGioia (Ability P&O)

“Fitting the Infinite Socket was probably the quickest and easiest delivery I’ve done to date. The modifications of the struts during fabrication enabled for a quick and easy appointment, which resulted in the patient just donning the socket and leaving our office happy. The patient immediately commented how much more comfortable the Infinite Socket was compared to a traditional rigid carbon socket with flexible liner. I genuinely like and would recommend the Infinite Socket as an option for my patients, despite the only unfortunate thing, the coding for it. At the current price, it’s tough to justify the price over a conventional or sub-ischial socket that uses the same codes. That being said, it’s really beneficial being able to adjust so many different aspects of the Infinite Socket, if needed, and still have the socket look as if no modifications were done. Patients don’t want to receive a new socket only to have pads glued in at follow up, which makes the Infinite so unique.

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