The Infinite Socket – Custom to you

Sean Boatwright from Diablo Prosthetics has been working with LIM Innovations since the start of the year. During that time he has come up to LIM’s head office twice to show potential patients the in’s and out’s of the Infinite Socket.

“I have personally visited The LIM Innovations facility on a couple of occasions. I was able to provide my patients a hands-on experience and exposure to the product and have them decide if it would be the right socket for them.

Three different environments are present within the LIM facility. On one level, enthusiastic engineers equipped with 3D printers and countless amounts of materials used for testing various interfaces. On another level, you get the feel of the “typical” start-up. Energetic marketing team on laptops and phone calls or working on the next graphic design project or social media, reaching out in any way to make sure that their patients are satisfied and thriving.

Then there is the more familiar area. A bustling lab, similar to what we are all accustomed to. Multiple technicians each immersed on their specific task in creating the end product.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.15.19 AM

“Plaster models fill one area with hands-on modifications taking place while carbon fiber struts are cut to size, heated and shaped over a recently vacuum formed flexible plastic socket.”

Tucked away in another area are multiple brims, ready to be customized for each patient. LIM has a special mix of technology and high quality hands-on craftsmanship a practitioner like myself can appreciate.

Seeing first hand how labor intensive and actually customizable the Infinite Socket is, is an impressive accomplishment that LIM Innovations appears to have mastered.”

LIM Innovations at AAOP

We are excited to announce our exhibit and workshop at the 41st Academy Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans (AAOP). LIM Innovations will host a four-hour technical workshop on Wednesday, February 18th. We also invite you to join us at booths 76-77 to learn more about LIM Innovations and the Infinite Socket™

Our technical workshop will consist of three core segments. We will give a detailed presentation about LIM Innovations and our product line, train clinicians to fit the Infinite Socket, and invite new attendees to discuss potential clinical partnerships. We will breakdown the four-hour workshop as follows:

  • 1-hour presentation from Garrett Hurley – Co-Founder and Inventor
  • 15-minute break and meet-and-greet with the LIM Innovations team
  • 2-hour hands-on clinical training session with trained prosthetists and users
  • 45-minute additional Q&A and clinical partnership discussion

Andrew Pedtke, Co-Founder and CEO, will be available one-on-one appointments with interested clinical partners throughout the entire technical workshop. We encourage you to RSVP to RSVP@LimInnovations.com if you are interested in participating in the clinical training session, or if you would like to set an appointment to meet with Andrew.

We are proud to present below-knee prototypes and continued development on our above-knee model at AAOP.

Technical Workshop Specific Details

Workshop #29: A Breakthrough in Socket Design: The Infinite Socket™

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Location: Bolden 5, Level 2 in the Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Feel free to contact rsteiner@liminnovations.com for more details, or go to the AAOP website.