LIM Innovations™ Gets Medicare Approval

LIM Innovations™ are proud to announce that the Infinite Socket® is now covered and reimbursed by Medicare.

LIM Innovations, a medical technology company, announced that it’s prosthetic socket, the Infinite Socket, has been granted Medicare insurance coverage. This new advancement in prosthetics that improves comfort, freedom and access to care, is now more readily available to amputees around the country.

“We appreciate Medicare’s thorough evaluation of the Infinite Socket,” says Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Andrew Pedtke. “Our product can now be considered as an alternative to conventional socket technology and we aim to show patients, providers, and the health care system as a whole the value we bring to the O&P industry.”

LIM Innovations is a prosthetics design company empowering people to live beyond the limits of their disabilities. LIM’s Infinite Socket is a custom-molded modular prosthetic socket that makes it possible for amputees to walk with greater comfort and freedom than before. With this latest Medicare ruling, it’s safe to say that the Infinite Socket is just the start of a series of prosthetic breakthroughs from LIM in advancing the options for amputees and those with other physical disabilities.