LIM Innovations at CES Digital Health Summit

Last week, LIM Innovations® attended the CES Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas. With more than 160,000 attendees, the equivalent of 28 football fields of exhibitor space, and an impressive contingent of healthcare experts the experience was as exciting as it was informative.


New technologies are beginning to drive transformative change to the fundamental business models supporting healthcare delivery. Current products and services on the market focus on analyzing what is out there with the ultimate goal of being able to take the resulting data and turning it in to something that is actionable. The overall result is care based on individual patient requirements. Patients are now empowered to choose which provider to engage with and have a greater say in what it is they need.

With this in mind, CEO/Co-founder of LIM, Dr. Andrew Pedtke and #LIMLegend Dan McMullan were invited to present at the Summit with the concept on how digital health not only changed Dan’s life, but is also saving lives across the World. With the spotlight on Dan’s story of him walking comfortably in his Infinite Socket™ alongside family into the sunset after a whole day of being active on his feet, the focus turned to Dr. Pedtke who highlighted the importance of innovation in the prosthetic industry.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibmWevfIAFM&w=560&h=315]


Dr. Pedtke addressed the fact that LIM Innovations® aims to solve the rigidity of traditional sockets that struggle to capture volume fluctuation, as well as offer comfort and control. The Infinite Socket™ provides a simple solution to these issues and allows us to work with everyday amputees who face these everyday problems. The collection of feedback data collected from amputees donning our socket allows for R&D opportunities through analysis of data that will ultimately continue to develop not only the Infinite Socket™, but also drive innovation of future products down the line.

The invitation to present at the Digital Health Summit was not only a great opportunity for #LIMLegend Dan McMullan to share his eye-opening story but also allowed us to firmly stamp our commitment in supporting where digital health is heading in the disability space through our prosthetic technologies developed from data solutions.