Training Videos

Infinite Socket™ TF - Above-Knee

Out the Box Quick Set Up Guide
Installation of the Closure System
Medial Brim Troubleshooting
Ratchet Closure Installation
Infinite Socket TF Disassembly
Fil Cup Removal and Installation
Drilling Hole in Strut
Casting Process
Strut Recontouring

Infinite Socket™ TT-S - Below-Knee

Anterior Guides

Heat Remolding

Aligning The L-Bracket

Adjusting the Posterior Pad

Pressure Management Setup

Textile Cover

Infinite Socket™ TT - Below-Knee

PTB Bracket Adjustment
Fil Cup Installation
Fil Cup Remolding
Frame Shifter Adjustments
Fil Cup Removal
Strut Remolding
Donning and Doffing
Casting Video

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