User Driven Decisions

I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2006. After a series of infections, I decided to amputate my leg in 2010. In the first five years since my amputation, I have learned a lot, and am still learning more.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is to control your condition and all decisions made about your residual limb and prosthesis. Our commitment to User Generated Innovation, here at LIM Innovations, got me thinking about the importance of user driven decisions. Your prosthetist is one of the best resources you have, but you are the one who has to live with your prosthesis.

I have been fortunate to receive great care from my prosthetists. They are receptive to my feedback, and provide me with the care I need and want. In just four years, I have received all the necessary equipment. I learned to walk on my 3R60. I learned to run on my 3R55. I became a runner with the 3S80. My prosthetist helped me make these decisions, but I had the final say. This is also how I made the choice to wear the Infinite Socket.

It is important to remember that you are the person who has to wear the prosthesis. It is your goals and aspirations that matter, and ultimately your decision to make.

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. We have a fantastic group of engineers, designers, machinists, clinicians, and amputees with relevant experience in the field. With such a diverse group working behind the scenes, we invite you to join one of our staff members each week for an in-depth look at what they bring to table. It is our goal to provide our loyal readers a behind-the-scenes look at LIM Innovations. Ranjit Steiner, Director of Marketing, picks up the pen this week to discuss the the importance of controlling your condition, and user driven decisions.