On Call with Dr. AP: Comps and Nominees

Last week, I discussed our goals for 2015 and the up-and-down journey of 2014. This week, I would like to look ahead to what has already been a promising 2015.

We ended 2014 with a feature in WIRED Magazine’s Third Annual Design Issue and a segment on San Francisco’s ABC7 News. We are going into 2015 with a number of competitions and nominations on the horizon.

We have been nominated for the 2015 INDEX Award: Design to Improve Life Award, National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation, and the SXSW Interactive Awards.

The Index Award is hosted in Denmark, sponsored by the Royal Family. We were selected by one of the Index Award Spotters, Sena Cerci. There is an opportunity for international exposure in stepping up to the ‘design to improve life challenge’, as well as a €500,000 cash prize. We are honored to receive international recognition from such a prestigious foundation, looking to improve lives through design.

The University of Maryland hosts the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation, where we have been selected to present as 1 of 12 finalists. This competition is similar to the Sheikh Zayed Prizes for Pediatric Device Innovation. It is a great opportunity to continue our involvement and development of pediatric prosthetic care.

We submitted the Infinite Socket to the SXSW Interactive Award in December of 2014. Our submission was reviewed, along with the rest of the competition, in early January. We are expecting an announcement of the finalists on Monday, January 26th. If LIM Innovations is selected as a finalist, we will have the opportunity to attend the event and a ceremony, where the winner will be announced.

We are excited and honored by the overall recognition in the industry, and hope the continued publicity can lead to more users achieving a better quality of life with the Infinite Socket.

I vow to give our dedicated readers a weekly commentary on industry trends, the latest LIM events, entrepreneurial lessons I learn as the CEO and Co-Founder of LIM Innovations, and pearls of wisdom as a practicing Orthopaedic surgeon. I ask you join me at the most obscure hours of the night as you all “take call” with Dr. AP. I view this as an opportunity for our supporters to connect with me and to share what happens behind the scenes here at LIM Innovations.