On Call with Dr. AP: Walter Reed Medical Center

LIM Innovations sent a crew to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC last week. This is our third time visiting the facility, this time with Infinite Sockets in hand.

We are honored to collaborate with an institute like Walter Reed, and contribute to a better standard of care for both our active military and civilian populations. We want to do anything and everything we can to help our soldiers and bring confidence to our soldiers’ families that they will get the best possible care for their brave sons and daughters.

It is our goal to provide our military personnel with a prosthetic socket that allows them to retain the active lifestyle that they have always known. With the help of Walter Reed, we hope that the Infinite Socket can evolve to new heights.

Walter Reed sets the standard for care. We continue to see great application for our socket for both active military and civilians. Through its modular platform, the Infinite Socket can provide the ideal solution for both populations and open up a world of possibilities for users.

We are proud of our first successful fitting at Walter Reed, but understand that there is more work to be done to achieve our goal of returning our users to the activities they know and enjoy.

I vow to give our dedicated readers a weekly commentary on industry trends, the latest LIM events, entrepreneurial lessons I learn as the CEO and Co-Founder of LIM Innovations, and pearls of wisdom as a practicing Orthopaedic surgeon. I ask you join me at the most obscure hours of the night as you all “take call” with Dr. AP. I view this as an opportunity for our supporters to connect with me and to share what happens behind the scenes here at LIM Innovations.

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  1. Congratulations to the Team at Walter Reed! And thank you for continuing to support us with such care, concern and professionalism. Even thousands of miles and Walter Reed didn’t keep you from facilitating Mario’s care in SF. And the team in SF are going above and beyond to give him back his life. Mario is ready to have ‘Live-Action’ back in his life, climbing trees, surfing, boarding, biking, ab diving and more… Thank You

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