The TT Experience

With AOPA 2016 in full swing, we thought it necessary to share a few patient insights into the Infinite TT. It is important to hear first hand their own experience with the sockets. With varying anatomical and sensitive fits, the Infinite Socket product line encompasses the necessary adjustability, dynamic frame and custom fits that allow amputees to find freedom in a socket they can control. Of course, the Infinite Sockets aren’t perfect for everyone, but they are a valid option, backed by measured testing and conclusive feedback from practitioners and patients alike. But don’t just hear it from us, hear it from the #LIMLegends themselves.

Jim Demas
“This thing is nothing short of amazing. I am stunned! This is the first time since I got a prosthetic in August 2015 (BKA in April 2015) that I have been able to ride my exercise bike. And I did it with no pain! None! I know we are just starting out and this is just day 3… but if this is a reliable indicator of what is to come, you guys will, in fact, give me so much more of my life back!”

Doug Van Pool
“Just being able to reach down, and tighten the boas, rather than taking it off, fiddling with volume socks, and then re-donning the foot is well worth the price of admission! I think I’ve found the “Goldilocks” zone of comfort.”

Rudy (Daughter Lydia’s quote)
“He is walking with more confidence. I notice when he sits, he keeps his leg on, whereas before, with the old leg, he would remove it immediately when he sat down at home, in the car or sometimes in public places. He is that much more comfortable. The limping has diminished and his old gait is more evident.”

Angel Castro
“I wouldn’t call it a product nor a prosthesis because it’s given me more than just the chance to walk again. It feels very close to having my own leg back, and being able to see the look on people’s faces when they see my mobility, energy, and how strong I’m able to perform in it, the feeling is often overwhelming.”