LIM Innovations® head to IoT Nexus

With medical technologies looking to drive transformational change to business models supporting the healthcare industry, LIM Innovations® has been asked to participate on a panel at IoT Nexus. The event will take place on 10-11 February in San Francisco with key players from Logitech, IBM and Oracle all present.

CEO Andrew Pedtke and #LIMLegend Ranjit Steiner will feature on a panel with representatives from ‘Sengled’, ‘Grabit Inc’, and ‘ReelDx’ in a session that focuses on cases that are inspiring end-users, who are using IoT, to drive business innovation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, etc, which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

IoT is helping companies to connect, transform, and reimagine how they do business. Across every industry vertical, IoT is driving operational efficiencies and creating new opportunities for developing products and delivering services, in an event that we are proud to be a part of.