To Infinite(y) & Beyond

The initial fitting of LIM Innovations’ patient adjustable socket, the Infinite Socket™ at Pace Rehabilitation has yielded a positive outcome for the UK’s 1st amputee adopter.

pace rehab

Following a successful trial of the adjustable socket system, transfemoral amputee Rob Ball has become the first person in the United Kingdom to purchase the system.

Rob explained the challenges that he would experience with his existing socket, “For years I’ve used rigid carbon fibre sockets, which were a perfect fit for about 2 hours in the middle of the day, but couldn’t be adjusted for the changing volume of my residual limb throughout the day.” He added, “To manage this I would have to find somewhere to take off the leg and add ‘socks’.  However, this more realistically meant avoiding walking as much as I’d have liked.”

So when Rob had the chance to try a user-a  djustable socket system at Pace, he was very keen to see if it was a benefit for him.

Following a two week home trial, during which a small adjustment was required to the socket in clinic, Rob was able to feedback his experiences to the team.

Rob said, “I found that with the Infinite Socket it can be loosened to fit perfectly first thing in the morning.  Then, as my residual limb loses volume throughout the day, I can just tighten the ratchet strap a couple of clicks and it’s a perfect fit again.”

A delighted Rob added, “The Infinite Socket has given me a new sense of freedom.  I don’t think about volume changes any more.  I just click the ratchet and carry on walking!”

Jamie Gillespie, Rob’s prosthetist at Pace, commented, “We are very happy with the outcome achieved for Rob and are evaluating how effective this could be for others.”

More details about the system can be read here.