Introducing the Medial Relief Brim









Five years ago we successfully launched LIM Innovations®, fitting over 1000 patients along the way. To celebrate, we are adding to the current Infinite Socket™TF components with the introduction of the medial relief brim.

“How do you improve on the best? You make it better,” states Jeremy Galten, LIM Innovations’ VP of Product. Galten continues, “We took all the amazing qualities that the Infinite Socket™TF is best known for; conforming and dynamic; and engineered the medial relief brim to be even more comfortable for the end user.”

The brim, which conforms better to the residual limb using new proprietary materials, enhances the moldable experience for patients and clinicians alike, while maintaining its structural integrity. Through improved materials, internal durability is strengthened while reducing the bulk by 50% medially. This reduces the overall socket proportions, improved medial relief and support minimizes medial pinching for the patient allowing for unparalleled day-to-day comfort.


The brim’s swivel chafes also boast improved durability sanctioned through a change of materials with the threaded washer providing greater security, optimizing the overall tensioning feature on the Infinite Socket™TF brim.

Carlos Gonzalez, an Infinite TF patient stated, “I have had the new medial brim for over four months now and I have to say it’s a major improvement. It has the ability to contain loose tissue, which a lot of above-knee amputees deal with daily. The medial relief brim gives other patients the chance to obtain a higher level of activity throughout the day. Not only is the brim more conforming, it is also lighter, which is huge for being an above the knee amputee.”

“Our team remains focused on delivering products that provide superior outcomes for amputees,” states Galten, “and we are confident the new medial relief brim hits that mark with more comfort than ever before. This is a game changer for the Infinite Socket™ TF .”

The medial relief brim will be available on all new orders submitted after the 13th November.

For further information and to order the Infinite Socket™TF visit the Infinite TF page or call 1-866-612-1998 today.


10 thoughts on “Introducing the Medial Relief Brim”

  1. Wish u would have launched sooner. Much to my dismay, I had to return to the suction based socket to get better stability of the higher brim. I also had a problem with the Velcro strap. It only took one time where the Velcro was not holding all the way (unknown at time) and mid stride the socket came off sending me tumbling to the ground with the socket tearing. I had to remedy it with duct tape around the circumference of the socket. I wanted so much for an easy on-off, light weight socket!

  2. The medial relief is is something I do not think about. As a matter of fact, it has been a long time since I have thought about my socket and how great it is going to be when I get home and can take my leg off. That thought used to take up hours of my day, every day regardless of what was going on around me. Since I have had the LIM socket that is something of the past. I knew the medial relief socket was an improvement when I woke up, a book on my chest, at home. With my leg on! Good work
    Thanks for the luxury of forgetting.

    You guy’s are totally awesome! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to get me walking with your adjustable sockets.
    I’m sure in the future your hard work and determination will result in the best prosthetics available.
    I’m hoping you open a office near Sacramento. That would make it possible for me to commute for appointments it takes for my very hard to fit limbs. Thank you, Nick

  4. I lover my new infinite socket!!! This is my first infinite socket and I wish that it was my first! !!! It is so comfortable, no more bucket sockets and hurting!! I went in for a knee replacement and ended up with a staph infection and was also bedridden for five years. I also have permanent nerve damage in my back and stump, for now I have peripheral neurothopy. This new socket is a Godsend and I highly recommend this socket to everyone! !!!!!!! To anyone our there that hasn’t tried this socket or to those who are on the fence, you won’t be sorry for trying this socket.

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