LIM Innovations Supports Our Veterans

The LIM Innovations team is driven by our mission to empower the limb loss/ limb difference community through advances in technology. Since our inception we have fit over 1,000 Infinite Sockets. Free from the constraints of the rigid socket, our adjustable Infinite sockets have enabled wearers to live comfortably and to continue to strive to live their best lives.

With Veteran’s Day being honored on Friday, LIM Innovations wants to take this opportunity to highlight our work within the combat and veteran communities. We are proud to offer our adjustable Infinite sockets through the VA network, enabling our wounded warriors and our veterans to rediscover prosthetic comfort. Tristan Wyatt, our VA liaison, is a combat-wounded Iraq war veteran. As an above knee amputee, he is intimately familiar with the unique obstacles and issues encountered by those receiving care through the VA System.

Tristan has dedicated his post combat career to bettering the lives of military veterans. A former VA department chief and Defense Department consultant who now serves as the commissioner of veterans affairs in San Francisco, he continues fight to provide the best care possible. As a wearer of an Infinite TF socket, he understands the comfort that arises from utilizing a socket that adjusts to his body’s unique needs throughout his day.

Bringing awareness of technology to the VA is only one segment of his passion. Tristan is committed to improving the prosthetic experience for everybody within the VA system. He has been vocal about the need for the VA to continue to improve access to quality care and has been published on the topic. His most recent article can be found here. LIM Innovations is proud to support Tristan as he presses the VA to continue to provide the best technology and prosthetic care for all Veterans.

The #LIMLegend family of wearers is as diverse as the amputee community. Individuals from all walks of lives and experience backgrounds have sought comfort through our adjustable sockets. While the reasons for limb loss vary, the quest for comfort through a socket that adjusts to their bodies is universal. LIM Innovations is proud to fit our Veterans and Wounded Combat Veterans with the first fully adjustable sockets in the world. Utilizing our Infinite sockets, scores of Veterans are rediscovering prosthetic comfort. We are honored to be part of their journey, and we thank them for their service to our country.

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