Nathan the Invictus

Nathan was one of our very first adopters of the Infinite Socket in the UK. He has showcased the Infinite Socket with the Invictus Games, and his determination has stuck firmly in the mind of everyone at LIM during his interactions with us.

“I served in the British army for ten years. During my third tour of Afghanistan I was blown up by an I.E.D that resulted in me losing my left leg below the knee and above my knee on the right. After spending a few months recovering from my injuries, and numerous operations later I started my rehabilitation process to learn to walk again. It took me around two years to be confident in using prosthetics on a daily basis. I was lucky I had the best prosthetics available to me, yet sockets were the main issue. Losing weight and volume around my residuum required a new socket. When the fit was right again, I would put weight on and a new socket would be necessary. I caught MRSA 7 times and have had 29 surgeries so far, each resulting in the revision of my limbs, resulting in more sockets.

It was then that I was introduced to LIM Innovations about six months ago where I had an opportunity to try a LIM Infinite Socket for my above knee prosthesis. After a few teething problems, which were promptly rectified by my clinical team at Headley Court Medical Center in England, I have been using my new socket every day with little discomfort. I can confidently say I wish I had tried the socket earlier as it’s been really good for me. With an intimate fit, that flexes with my limb as I walk, I can carry out my daily activities without skin breakdown and painful sores that affect my gait.

With the release of their below knee prosthetic, the ‘Infinite TT’ around the corner, I am hoping they carry on with the same adjustable, dynamic features that makes the Infinite Socket so unique to the individual wearing it. I will be pursuing the acquisition of the Infinite TT for sure.

I recently went to San Francisco with the team from Invictus Games and the British Benevolent Society to have a guided tour of LIM’s facility. I met the whole team involved from start to finish in the production of my socket and it’s great to see the care they offer on a daily basis. They hosted a happy hour event based on a Veteran’s road to recovery and what they do to become more involved in a civilian capacity. I was invited to speak in front of 85 people who intently listened to my story and offered support. It goes to show the level of respect that LIM has for every one who has either been affected by amputation or wishes to achieve more freedom than ever before.”

Louisa and Nathan 2, SF Giants