Introducing the Infinite Socket™ TT-S
The World’s thinnest and lightest dual-wall adjustable
transtibial socket for below-knee amputees.


October 15, 2018
LIM Innovations®
424 9th Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Thinnest and lightest dual wall prosthetic socket.
  • Single point of adjustment to maintain constant comfort.
  • Reduction in socket bulk and weight.
  • Increased weight limit of 320 lbs.
  • Tested to ISO 10328 standards.

LIM Innovations® continues revolutionizing prosthetic technology with the release of the Infinite Socket™ TT-S; a groundbreaking adjustable multi-durometer socket for transtibial amputees.

The Infinite Socket™ TT-S is a human-inspired below-knee socket designed for daily adjustments. The socket optimizes knee flexion without sacrificing performance or aesthetics, providing new levels of force transitions that dynamically conform with the patient’s every stride

“We took our time researching and understanding what the patients and the practitioners were looking for. We interviewed people from across the country and leveraged our data as leaders in innovative socket design,” says LIM Innovations® Product Manager, Samer Moussa, CPO. “Our goal was to provide patients with a truly differentiated product that represents peak innovation while solving the existing problems with both conventional and adjustable sockets. We addressed sitting comfort and knee range of motion to not only increase comfort, but also enhance the patient’s daily life. The Infinite Socket™ TT-S brings all of these findings into one dynamic, light, simple-to-use, streamlined product.”

The Infinite Socket™ TT-S comprises a mixture of rigid and flexible areas that relieve bony prominences, thus reducing the risk of skin ulcerations. The single point of adjustment allows the wearer to modify their socket compression without interrupting their activities, empowering the individual to remain comfortable throughout the day. With expanded weight indications and more suspension options, more amputees will be able to benefit from this groundbreaking adjustable socket technology.

LIM Innovations® is a prosthetic design, technology-enabled care provider, and digital health company. Our mission is to empower patients to live beyond the limits of their disability.

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