Empowered Dustin Sets Eyes on Sailing World Record

LIM Innovations recently celebrated our three year anniversary. During this time we have empowered over 1,000 individuals with our adjustable sockets. Since being fitted with our Infinite TT (below knee) and Infinite TF (above knee) adjustable sockets, we have witnessed lives being transformed as individuals were put in control of their own comfort. Once socket frustrations were eliminated, our LIM Legends have been equipped to live full and active lives.

Dustin, a below elbow and below knee amputee due to an accident, received his Infinite TT (below knee) adjustable socket in August. Before discovering LIM Innovations he was struggling with a broken and ill-fitting socket. After being fitted with the Infinite TT socket he immediately noticed a difference. “I was amazed that in only 11 days after setting foot in LIM with a broken socket I was running laps around the 2nd floor on my new leg.”

He isn’t satisfied to sit idly by and he refuses to allow his bilateral amputations to interfere with his dreams. He has instead been fueled by the desire to prove to the world that limb loss does not have to mean that a life is lived on the sidelines. With his new socket, Dustin can continue on his journey of a lifetime with the goal of becoming the first bilateral amputee to sail solo around the world.

With an ambitious goal in his sights, Dustin needs his prosthesis to be reliable, responsive and easy to manage. He has met all three requirements with the Infinite TT adjustable socket. Because the socket can be easily adjusted without a prosthetist visit, Dustin is able to concentrate on sailing instead of his socket.  

Currently in Thailand preparing for his journey, Dustin is enjoying life with his new socket. “Having the ability to loosen the socket also makes it much more comfortable while sitting. It also appears the irritation on the bottom of my limb might finally go away after having it for 8 years. I am now cruising around Thailand on the Infinite TT and loving the new comfort and freedom. I’m thinking my LIM leg’s next test will be the 1200+ steps at the Krabi Tiger Temple.”

We are honored to be part of Dustin’s groundbreaking journey. If you would like to follow his adventure around the world, you can connect with him via Facebook, Instagram or through his website. Dustin needed a socket that was up to the challenge of sailing around the world, and he found the solution at LIM Innovations.  

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  1. I would like to walk again. it going on 2yrs not walking since they took my leg of Christmas day 2015, because of blood clobs. I think it wondful for Dustin. I wish I could get one of them leg I’am 56 yrs , I can’t get there. and you people don’t have one here in this town Kingman AZ. and I can’t get to Las Vegas either. I got one the old kind of Pros. leg a week ago and it not what I wanted from Hanger in Kingman,AZ. and it hurt now. I try to give Lim a challenge, but Mary Smith said we don’t have anyone to travel that far. when they took my leg they took my life away and now I been crying , wishing I could get one of those TT socket legs. but won’t get one . no car , and no one want to travel down there in Vegas,and don’t know if they will take healthchoice AZ or Healthchoice Gen. and maybe medcare?Well I guess I will be stuck in a wheelchair for my time on earth or maybe I ‘ll do something else.

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