Dan McMullan

Right Above-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 1984
Amputation Cause: Motorcycle Accident
  • I was homeless for nearly a decade after my amputation
  • I am the Commissioner on the Human Welfare and Community Action Commission for the City of Berkeley
  • I run a program called Disabled People Outside Project to help homeless people with disabilities
  • I am married with three kids
  • I have gone skydiving, parasailing, ziplining, and slalom skiing since losing my leg

For years I had been going to the same orthopedics shop and nothing, absolutely nothing had changed. I saw LIM’s revolutionary product, and reached out to the company. Since being fit with the Infinite Socket, my prosthetic leg is adjusted to my leg and upgraded nearly every time I go to see my prosthetist. I became a LIM Innovations Ambassador following my instinct to share with others what has worked for me.