The LIM Ambassador Program consists of a diverse group of Infinite Socket users. Our Ambassadors are committed to developing themselves, and helping others in the amputee community. From peer-to-peer advisory to product development, our Ambassadors support a community of amputees to live beyond the limits of their disability.

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Amy Jarvis

Right Above-Knee
Amputee since 2006

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Lindsay Moorehead

Bilateral Below-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2001

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Douglas Van Pool

Left Below-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2016

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Jessica Hendry

Left Above-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2012

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Andrew Seelhoff

Right Above-Knee Amptuee
Amputee Since 2014

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Dan McMullan

Right Above-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 1984

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Irene Blum

Right Above-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2015

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