Andrew Seelhoff

Right Above-Knee Amptuee
Amputee Since 2014
Amputation Cause: Vascular Malformation
  • I had a rare vascular malformation when I was 7 and could not walk for 7 years
  • I recently received a new running blade and bike, and ran my first steps since I was 7.
  • I have advocated for the Infinite Socket and prosthetic technology on Capitol Hill
  • I am on my high school robotics team; our robot made it to nationals in 2016

When I got this socket, it completely changed my life. It is nearly entirely adjustable, and has allowed me to get back to a normal life at school and with my friends. If I want to sit down, and I’m somewhere all day, I can just adjust it to make it more comfortable. Then when I’m out-and-about I can just tighten it all the way. In the other socket I couldn’t wear it more than a few hours.