On Call with Dr. AP: Spanning the Country

I apologize for wavering on my vow to write a weekly post for our loyal readers, which is why I have decided to write two posts this week. February has been a busy month for us, with the team stretched across the continental US for a variety of events.

I would like to take a moment to update you on our recent travels.

From the AAOP Academy Annual Meeting in New Orleans, to the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation at the University of Maryland, to our first pair of successful fittings at Walter Reed Medical Center, I could not be more proud of the LIM Innovations team.

In a follow-up visit to Walter Reed Medical Center, we received more positive feedback on the Infinite Socket. It has been a great learning experience for our team, and an even better opportunity to work with our active duty military and veteran populations. We appreciate their dedication to provide feedback and help develop of the Infinite Socket.

A small team took to Baltimore with our first pediatric user in tow, where we were selected as a winner and received $50,000 in seed funds from the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation. Similar to our efforts with Walter Reed, we are honored to have received additional funding to improve pediatric care in prosthetics.

Just last week, we attended the 41st Annual Academy Meeting in New Orleans, where we debuted our LIM Provider Platform. With over 200 attendees at our booth, 94 prosthetists at our workshop, and 38 applications for our LIM Provider Network, the conference was successful.

We are excited about our varied efforts, serving multiple populations, and hope we can continue to improve the standard of care in the prosthetic industry. Your steady support has been critical to our growth.

I vow to give our dedicated readers a weekly commentary on industry trends, the latest LIM events, entrepreneurial lessons I learn as the CEO and Co-Founder of LIM Innovations, and pearls of wisdom as a practicing Orthopaedic surgeon. I ask you join me at the most obscure hours of the night as you all “take call” with Dr. AP. I view this as an opportunity for our supporters to connect with me and to share what happens behind the scenes here at LIM Innovations.

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  1. Nice blog Dr. AP! Congrats to you and your team’s hard work on the recent success/funding, how very exciting! Looking forward to hear more from the blog – sign me up for the email list if there is one.

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