Ed Beatty is Swinging High

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the feedback from users. With such a diverse group of users, we invite you to join our users for an in-depth look at their story and how our Infinite Socket has affected their lives. Ed Beatty’s tale looks at how his ambitious lifestyle has been re-instilled following a motorcycle accident thanks to the love and support of those around him. Ed Beatty is swinging high right now, and demonstrates great determination in the face of adversity.

Prior to my accident I lived life with confidence and welcomed any challenge mental or physical. I was confident, ambitious and eager to take whatever life threw my way head on.

At least that’s what I thought until December 21st 2011 when I was in a motorcycle accident, suddenly everything changed. I was left without two legs above the knee, open book pelvis fracture, rods in both femurs, possible organ damage, head trauma and in an induced coma for 27 days.

Mentally and physically I was broken and stripped of all my confidence and ambition to move forward. Without the love and support of family, friends and a son that I had to be there for I’m not sure I would have made it. So instead of giving up my choice was to live, my only concern was how much living I was going to be able to do.

I’d watched a lot of videos of other BAKA’s doing all kinds of activities and enjoying life which gave me hope, my only uncertainty was how much work and determination it was going to take to get there. So I started the long and slow road to recovery which in return had its ups and downs.

I have a whole lot of bone ossification from my accident so getting a good comfortable fit was a challenge for my prosthesis but did a good job with a traditional socket. But at the end of the day if there’s a better solution for my situation that’s going to give me a better fit and allow me to be more active I’m going to look into it, that’s when I found LIM Innovations.

I read up and watched video’s on their socket design and honestly I was overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of having a socket that I might actually find comfort in. I reached out to them via email hoping to get a response seeing they were a new company and based on the other side of the US.  The CPO of the company Jon Smith contacted almost instantly and we spoke in detail about my accident and the level of activity I would like to get back to. Everything that I was told was what I wanted to hear so we set an appointment and I was on my way to San Francisco.

Upon arriving at LIM’s office I found that all the staff took the time to come up and introduce themselves and let me know what part of the process they would be involved in. They were all genuinely polite and gave me the over all feeling of compassion, empathy and excited to get my process started. The end result is that they had went above and beyond with getting me comfortable.

I am living and still learning to do new things with confidence and comfort that I thought would never be possible. So big thanks to LIM Innovations for making it possible!