Stories and Innovation

Here at LIM Innovations we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. We have a fantastic group of engineers, designers, machinists, clinicians, and amputees with relevant experience in the field. With such a diverse group working behind the scenes, we invite you to join one of our staff members each week for an in-depth look at what they bring to table. It is our goal to provide our loyal reader’s a behind-the-scenes look at LIM Innovations. Christian Johnsen, Video Editor, picks up the pen this week to discuss the videos created to showcase the personal stories of amputees and the technology that improves lives.

Before working as a video editor for LIM Innovations, my knowledge of the prosthetics world was very limited. A few years ago, a close friend was employed at UCSF as a Prosthestist, which gave me a glimpse into what seemed like a rather obscure field of medicine. My few visits to his clinic were eye opening but it wasn’t until I began editing videos that I could truly see.

Anyone who has edited video will know that it is a fairly tedious process, reviewing footage many times before deciding to use it, cut it, and where to plug it into the storyline. Through this process of review I became a de facto student of prosthetic technology, human anatomy, design principles, and most intimately, the personal narratives attached to the people in the videos.

Each amputees set of circumstances is unique, however, there is a common thread that ties everyone together. That common thread is overcoming adversity and getting back to a quality of life where people are free to do what they want. This is at the heart of the storyline that we aim to capture.

So, what is it that allows someone to reach this goal after amputation? Well, determination is the first thing, followed closely by a level of comfort. With comfort comes confidence, and from confidence comes success. The Infinite Socket provides a level of comfort that allows amputees to have the confidence to live without limits.

Each time I’m introduced to a new story from the perspective of an amputee using the Infinite Socket, I see and hear how it has made a vast difference in their life. This is an incredibly powerful thing to witness again, and again, and I’m happy to get to share these stories with the world.

The visuals illustrate a powerful story, people tell a powerful story, and innovative technology speaks for itself.