What amputation levels is the Infinite Socket for?

Currently, the Infinite Socket is available for above-knee, knee-disarticulation, and below-knee amputations.

Are there any other physical attributes that will prevent me from getting an Infinite Socket?

Residual limb length less than 12cm or longer than 32cm limb lengths are not compatible with Infinite Socket TT-S. Residual limb length less than 15cm or larger than 40cm is not compatible with Infinite Socket TF

Is there a maximum weight limit for the Infinite Socket?

Currently, the Infinite Socket TT-S is indicated for patients below 320 lbs, and the Infinite Socket TF is indicated for patients below 250 lbs. If you are outside of indications, please contact LIM directly.

Is the Infinite Socket available for patients with a Hip-Disarticulation?

No. The Infinite Socket is currently not available for Hip-Disarticulation amputees.

Is the Infinite Socket available for patients with a Ertl Procedure?

Yes. The Infinite Socket is available for patients with an Ertl procedure.

Which suspension types do you offer?

For the TF: Pin, Suction and Lanyard

For the TT-S: Pin, Elevated Vacuum, Seal-In.

What is the weight of the socket?

Roughly the same as a conventional socket but varies depending on the suspension type and the shape of the patient's residuum.

Is the Infinite Socket water resistant?

The Infinite socket is water resistant, but not water proof due to the socket's soft materials. If it comes into contact with salt water, hand wash the socket with fresh water and dry.

Will the Infinite Socket work with my current knee and/or foot?

Both Infinite Socket systems have custom base plates that are compatible with all standard adapters and distal components.

What kind of liner do you recommend?

You can use whatever liner you are comfortable with. All correlating liners are acceptable.

Does the base plate come in different sizes?

Yes the Infinite Socket TF has 4 different base plate options to suit your patients specifications. The Infinite Socket TT-S will accept any standard 4-hole attachment plate.

Is there a sub-ischial version?

Yes, the Infinite Socket provides a platform where you can build a socket that fits your needs. Ischial seat, no ischial seat. The choice is yours.

What if I cannot use the closure system (ratchet, boa, velcro strap) to achieve an ideal fit anymore?

The Infinite Socket is designed for the patient to have control over their limb. However, the closure system only has so much adjustability. If you feel like you need additional adjustments beyond what the closure system can offer, schedule an appointment with your prosthetist.

What do I do if components on my socket are starting to wear out?

The Infinite Socket comes with a 6-month warranty for soft-goods (brim and closure system) and a 1-year warranty for hard goods (base plate, struts, and ischial seat). If you experience any issues, contact your prosthetist to have your socket inspected and any necessary updates made. LIM will expedite replacement componentry to your prosthetists office in case of an emergency.

Is the Infinite Socket covered by insurance?

Yes, the Infinite Socket is covered by insurance, including medicare, private payers, workers comp, and the VA. Medicare acknowledges the Infinite Socket as an alternative to a conventional socket. The reimbursement varies depending on the health care provider, but is comparable to a conventional socket.

Insurance denied my claim for an Infinite Socket. What now?

If your Infinite Socket is denied by insurance, they will provide a reason for denial. LIM will work with your prosthetist to provide proper documentation to avoid denials on all cases. In the case of a denial, LIM provides assistance in the appeal process.

How do I get my prosthetist trained in the Infinite Socket?

LIM offers on-demand training courses for both the Infinite Socket TF and TT-S. It is a one hour course held at your convenience. If your prosthetist cannot make the training, they can contact LIM directly to schedule an alternative time. http://www.liminnovations.com/contact/

How do I go about finding a prosthetist who works with the Infinite Socket near me?

LIM has an expansive network of clinical providers across the US. Contact LIM directly to be referred to the clinic nearest to you at http://www.liminnovations.com/contact/

I live outside of the US, how do I get an Infinite Socket?

Currently, the Infinite Socket is only commercially available in the United States. LIM has done limited trials internationally, and is working to establish additional locations. If you are interested in traveling to the LIM headquarters in San Francisco, contact LIM directly to schedule an appointment.

Is the Infinite Socket available for children?

Currently, LIM does not offer a pediatric version of the Infinite Socket.