At LIM Innovations, we measure our success in our people. It's their commitment, talent, work ethic, and endless dedication that helps us reach our goals. We're dedicated to creating a motivated and energetic team, and giving them an environment where they can thrive. We don't just sell an improved quality of life in our products, we live it. Striving to help people achieve a higher quality of life and mobility every day..

One of the most important resources of any high-tech company is its employees. At LIM, we value our extensive skills and knowledge base and nurture a spirit of innovation. LIM is committed to developing working conditions in which employees can achieve their full potential.

We live by a set of values that are the foundation for our strategy and success in everything we do.

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Staff Prosthetist - Phoenix, AZ

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Sub-Assembly Production Technician - San Francisco, CA

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Prosthetic Production Technician - San Francisco, CA

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Healthcare Sales Associate - San Francisco, CA

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Purchasing Specialist - San Francisco, CA

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