Measurement Forms

Dear Sir/Madam


LIM Innovations is restructuring it’s business model to include the transfer of manufacturing/central fabrication.  The management team is focused on securing expanded regional, national and international partnerships right now.


Due to this, we are currently accepting only TF lanyard and TF pin-lock Infinite Socket orders from select partners.  Please contact us directly ( for orders and partnership questions.

Complete Measurement Form and Submit

Measurement forms that you can complete on your computer, or by hand. Simply follow these steps to ensure no information is lost.

  1. Click on the image of the measurement form you want to download.
  2. Save a local copy.
  3. Fill in all desired fields.
  4. Save the form again.
  5. Send the final saved version as a standard PDF to

Infinite Socket TT-S Measurement Forms

For the Infinite Socket TT-S we have two measurement forms. The check socket MX form, requires fewer measurements, and you will receive a $200 discount.

Infinite Socket TF Measurement Form

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