VA Centers

LIM is committed  to helping our veteran heroes get back to everyday life.  We’ve maintained close relationships with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense to research, develop and distribute advanced socket solutions suited to the needs of amputee vets.

We’ve supplied over 30 VAs across the country to provide the best adjustable socket system. By partnering with LIM Innovations in our new LIM Care initiative, your institution can take the next step in helping veteran amputees achieve superior patient outcomes and live a more pain-free life.

Vendor Documents, Quotes and LIM Care Partnership Opportunities:

LIM is ready to work with VA field offices and contracted vendors. Please request more information from:

Clinical Assistance:

LIM provides flexible clinical assistance to the VA. Please contact LIM prior to conducting the eval. If possible, LIM can provide in-person clinical assistance.


VA orders are submitted via the below measurement form. LIM requires this form, completely filled out, along with the PO and LIM capture photos (TF Lanyard/ Pin) or cast (all models).

CMS Coding:

Both the Infinite TT and TF are Medicare approved. Please refer to service guide for coding break down.

Please contact LIM for any questions or suggestions:
Tristan Wyatt
(858) 232-2379

Requesting an Infinite Socket through the VA:

LIM Innovations is able to work with your local VA Prosthetics Service, or your contracted VA vendor.