Infinite Socket TT

  • Introducing the Infinite TT

    The Infinite Socket TT is a custom-molded, modular, and dynamic socket system. The combination of a modular frame and advanced pressure distribution system enables clinicians and patients to adjust the socket. Pressure distribution and biomechanics are designed in response to activity demands, pressure areas, and shape change.
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    Dynamic Response + Shock Absorbing Frame

    The frame is made up of three modular and thermoplastic carbon-fiber struts that connect to an adjustable base plate. This frame offers multiple points adjustability and is designed to provide dynamic response flex. This anatomical design mimics anatomy and is engineered for shock absorption and energy return.
  • LIM Air Bladder System

    The LIM Air Bladder System is designed to evenly distribute pressure regardless of volume change and are made with high strength fabrics for improved durability and are backed with a custom-molded thin plastic layer.
  • Infinite Adapter

    The base plate has built-in rotation and slide controls for maximal alignment versatility.
  • Height Adjustable Petallar-Tendon Bracing System and Posterior Wall

    The Infinite TT is height adjustable at the front petallar-tendon bracing system and the posterior wall. This allows for the user to have proper amount of support while liberating the knee to flex.
  • Hinging posterior assembly

    User Adjustability

    The hinging posterior lift assembly, patellar-tendon bracing system, and inner textiles combine with a BOA Closure System from Click Medical combine to provide a dynamic closure system. It is designed to provide an optimal fit and lift for the patient that can be adjusted for various activities, daily volume change, reduce end pressure, and eases donning and doffing of the socket. Now the user can easily loosen the fit of entire socket while sitting, flexing their knee, or relaxing and can dial-in their fit when they are looking for performance.
  • Anterior-Posterior and Medial-Lateral Stabilization

    The dynamic closure system of the Infinite TT is designed to primarily adjust for volume control and function in the posterior to anterior to mimic volume change in the body. The Infinite TT also micro-adjusts in the medial-lateral for improved biomechanical control and support that can be increased or relaxed per activity.
  • Remoldable

    The struts are custom-molded and can be remolded and adjusted to accommodate volume and shape changes of the residual limb.
  • Form Fitting Soft Shell Cover

    Form Fitting Soft Shell Cover

    The flexible outer cover is designed to encapsulate the frame's proximal components, protect the closure system, protect the user's clothes, and to provide a low friction layer with an aesthetic finish. It's currently available in two colorways: Black exterior with blue royal blue lining and Blue exterior with blue royal blue lining. The cover is removable, replaceable, and washable.
  • TT Frame Shifter

    The entire frame assembly can be slid anteriorly or posteriorly with side-access set screws for fast relief to bony prominence or otherwise optimize fit on the fly.
  • Height Adjustable Posterior Wall

    The Infinite TT is height adjustable at the front petallar-tendon bracing system and the posterior wall. This allows for the user to have proper amount of support while liberating the knee to flex.
  • Pressure Distributing System

    The abrasion-resistant and low-friction textile layer combines with a remoldable thermoplastic material to provide structure and custom-contours. The integrated height-adjustable system is cushioned and equipped with air bladders to improve pressure distribution and protect sensitive areas.

Infinite Socket Break Down

Product Specifications

The custom-molded Infinite TT is a dynamic, adjustable, and modular prosthetic socket, enabling amputees to live beyond the limits of their prosthesis. This socket is designed and engineered to mimic anatomy and provide improved function, adjustability, comfort and enable the user to do things like walk up and down stairs and ramps with greater ease than ever before. All modular components are custom formed to a mold derived from a scan or cast taken by a Certified LIM Trained Prosthetist.

Advanced Pressure Distribution – larger spectrum of material properties tensile strength and compliance
Tensioner + Bladder — miniscule adjustments to accommodate sore spots/hot spots
Ease of donning and doffing
Fashionable/aesthetic textiles with color options
Energy Response + Shock Absorption Frame, Adjustable, Remoldable, and Telescoping
All modular components including suspension options: interchangeable options of pin lock and seal-in suction.
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