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Lower limb prostheses have become increasingly high-performance in all respects except the socket. Like a wooden shoe, conventional sockets are a fixed rigid shape. By contrast, our bodies change in size and shape throughout the day, so our clothes and shoes are designed with dynamic designs and textiles to change with them. We believe prosthetics which have a direct interface with the body should be responsive too.

We’ve taken inspiration from action sports and other industries to leverage state-of-the-art industrial design, textiles, and manufacturing processes to develop custom products that perform in harmony with the dynamic needs of users’ bodies over time and empower them to achieve optimal function and comfort each day.


Infinite TF

The Infinite TF is a custom-molded, modular, and adjustable socket system for transfemoral amputees. It is a blend of advanced textiles and structural components, enabling transfemoral amputees to live beyond the limits of their prosthesis. It is made of a modular four-strut configuration, base-plate, and an adjustable brim designed to adapt and conform to limb fluctuation. The Infinite Socket is the first truly adjustable socket that the patient and clinician can fine tune on the fly.

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Infinite TT

The Infinite TT is a custom-molded, modular, and adjustable socket system for transtibial amputees. The Thermoplastic carbon-fiber frame, hinging posterior strut, and BOA closure system draw in the medial and lateral walls to improve biomechanical control. The advanced pressure distribution system incorporates height adjustment and air bladders, designed in response to activity demands, pressure areas, and shape change. The colorful range of soft shell covers allows patients to choose the right style for them.

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