Is there a specific casting method for the Infinite Socket ™ system?

We recommend a specific casting method for clinical efficiency. A tutorial video for the TF and for the TT-S can be found here. We are sensitive to the fact that you have developed your own techniques and we welcome you to deviate from the LIM Casting Process as you see clinically necessary, but you must always utilize the LIM Casting Tools as they’re a requirement when submitting impressions.

How can I get the LIM Casting Tools?

Once you’ve successfully signed up to the LIM premier provider program, we ship you your LIM Casting Tool Set for free. After fitting your first two patients in Clinical Specialist supported fitting, you’re LIM Certified and gain access to our full suite of account support.

Do you provide Clinical Support?

Absolutely. We have a staff of highly skilled Certified Prosthetists to serve our LIM Certified Providers. All of our staff has extensive Clinical experience in the trenches and they embody our philosophy to bring deep value to your clinical practice. You can always contact us via the LIM Line or request LIM Video Conference Support.

Do you have the LIM Clinical Training Manual available for download?

LIM Premier Providers have access to a downloadable version of youtube videos and manuals in the password-protected area of our site.

Can I request samples of your products?

We have a full suite of electronic materials designed to give you a solid understanding of our products, so we recommend utilizing these first. We also have LIM team members using our products who love to share their experiences with you or your candidates to help them determine if our products are right for them. To get connected, contact Customer Support at 1.844.888.8546. We also realize having our products in your hands is sometimes necessary. You can request a loaner sample by contacting our Clinical Support Team. Please keep in mind that you may experience a waiting period due to high demand.

Are insurers reimbursing for your products?

Yes. To find out more details, contact our Billing and Reimbursement Advocate at 1.844.888.8546.

What are the recommended L-Codes?

To understand the appropriate L-Codes for your patient, please contact our Billing and Reimbursement Advocate at 1.844.888.8546.

Does the LIM Clinical Training qualify for CEUs?

To qualify for CEUs, you must attend a LIM Clinical Training at our Headquarters in San Francisco. pass the Clinical Exam and fit two patients with the support of a LIM Clinical Specialist. To get started, please contact us on 1.844.888.8546.