Lindsay Moorehead

Bilateral Below-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2001
Amputation Car Accident

I’m a mother of a 9-year old son who motivates me to stay in shape and be active
I’m a certified kids and adult yoga teacher. I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with amputees and individuals with both cognitive and physical disabilities.
I love Thai iced tea & could drink it by the gallons
One of my favorite food dishes is Chicken Tikka Masala
I love to have clean hair

The Infinite Socket allows me to have the feeling of multiple sockets through the adjustability of the BOA and air bladders. I feel confident in this socket, knowing I can make subtle adjustments in times where I have volume fluctuation, without the concern I might not be able to wear my leg. While having an excellent fit of a prosthetic socket is the most critical piece of being able to confidently and successfully live your life. I also love the appearance of the Infinite TT. When I look at the socket, the words strong, confidence, and unstoppable cross my mind.