Douglas Van Pool

Left Below-Knee Amputee
Amputee Since 2016
Amputation cause: Osteomyelitis


  • Just an old Cowboy, Trucker, with too much time on his hands. Over-educated.
  • I love to ride horses. Just for pleasure now, I don’t chase cattle any more.
    I collect, repair, and maintain classic cars. My Wife, and I go all over the country doing car shows, and have won many awards and trophies.
  • I can still drive a clutch.
  • I’m an avid motorcyclist, and have traveled all over the continent, to the tune of almost one million miles. Despite the amputation, I still ride.
  • I love science-fiction, and the way it predicts technology, and has resulted in some pretty awesome tech, like electronics and prosthetics.
  • I am part of multiple groups on FAcebook, the Heather Mills and daily strength amputee forum, AMPOWER, and a peer-to-peer consultant for amputees at local rehab hospitals

My favorite feature of the Infinite TT is the overall adjustability. The way you can fine tune the socket as needed, sometimes several times over the course of a day. The overall comfort, modular construction, and lightweight design. I also like the futuristic, steampunk appearance.

I hope to do everything I did, on a daily basis, the same as before my amputation. The world is so much bigger than to be defined by what one can, or cannot do. The technology that presents itself to us to be able to do great things, like the Infinite Socket, do just that. I want to help get the word out, especially to our veterans, that there is a better way and they do not need to suffer in silence with old technology.