Amy Jarvis

Level of Amputation:  Right Above-Knee

Cause of Amputation: Osteosarcoma

LIMLegend since 2017


After winning the fight with Osteosarcoma and trying to save her leg for 16 years, Amy underwent an above-knee amputation in 2006.  Although she never regretted her decision to amputate, her conventional socket couldn’t keep up with her volume fluctuations and active lifestyle.  When a Facebook ad for LIM Innovations® and the Infinite Socket™ showed up on her feed, she was intrigued and sent for more information. “They put in touch with my incredible Prosthetist at Celerity and I am back to living my life in comfortable motion.”

For Amy, the difference between a conventional socket and the Infinite Socket™ was day and night. “I would never go back to a conventional socket after having experienced a LIM Infinite Socket™.  My Infinite TF is the most comfortable socket I’ve worn and it is incredibly versatile. Before I had to pile on socks in the summertime when I shrank, which created more sweat. Eventually, I had to have a new socket which cost me more money.  My LIM Infinite Socket™ adjusts with me, making socks unnecessary and saving me money because it is fully adjustable.

I want every amputee to experience this amazing socket.  I can ride a bike without fear of my leg coming off. I can do the rowing machine without fear. And I don’t have to worry as much about weight fluctuation.”

Between spoiling her grandchildren and volunteering in her community, Amy leads a busy lifestyle. She dedicates her time and talents for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Oklahoma and works tirelessly to help others. “My passion is helping them (Special Olympians) in any way that I can.”