Unconventional Thinking

LIM Innovations was founded in 2012 by two clinicians (a prosthetist and orthopaedic surgeon) in response to their own frustrations with conventional prosthetic socket solutions. They believed that by using unconventional thinking and a novel approach to socket design, they could dramatically improve functional outcomes and efficiency of the provisioning process. Borrowing innovation from the action sports industry and leveraging state-of-the-art industrial design, materials, textiles, and manufacturing processes, LIM Innovations is forging new paradigms in prosthetics.

Mission Statement

At LIM Innovations we empower amputees to live beyond the limits of their prosthesis, and achieve the mobility and independence they deserve. Our core company value, function with purpose, begins with the user's needs to drive technological development. Our products aim to meet and bring greater functional outcomes for a broad range of users through advanced technical solutions, materials, and unique design advantages.


Design Approach

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