AAOP 2017 Workshop RSVP

Become certified to fit the most adjustable, modular sockets on the market for AK and BK amputees. With a contemporary design, utilizing proprietary materials that are proven to enhance comfort, the Infinite Socket® product line will be available for you to examine at booth 115-116.


Training sessions:
Technical Workshops: Tier I  (Workshop 9 & 28)
Exploring Infinite Possibilities with the Infinite Socket® Product Line

Comprising proprietary materials and modular components, the custom-molded above-knee and below-knee sockets allow for unprecedented versatility for patients and practitioners. With modern componentry and state-of-the-art technology, the Infinite Socket system boasts unparalleled comfort backed by rigorous testing and data-driven metrics. The four-hour workshop will be split equally into two trainings covering the Infinite TF and Infinite TT. Each training will include assisted breakout sessions, functional data metrics, and detailed presentations to accredit you as a certified provider of the most adjustable sockets on the market.

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